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Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2005 - 12:40 pm:   

Im using a Sony Ericsson K700 with the trial version of NowSMS 5.1b and am having problems recieving delivery reports.

I realized after looking at smsdebug that the modem wasn't initializing properly, something like

00:23:23:977 [2] ThreadProcessModem: AT+CSMS=1
00:23:24:097 [2] ThreadProcessModem: +CSMS: ERROR

00:23:23:536 [2] ThreadProcessModem: AT+CNMI=2,2,2,1,0
00:23:23:626 [2] ThreadProcessModem: +CMS ERROR: 303

00:23:23:626 [2] ThreadProcessModem: AT+CNMI=2,2
00:23:23:716 [2] ThreadProcessModem: +CMS ERROR: 303

So after looking through some other posts and geting an AT command spec I modified smsgw.INI and added the following lines to the modem section


Where the 1 in CNMI sets modem to recieve reports.

The new response from smsdebug was

00:23:23:977 [2] ThreadProcessModem: AT+CSMS=0
00:23:24:097 [2] ThreadProcessModem: +CSMS: 1, 1, 1 OK

00:23:24:097 [2] ThreadProcessModem: AT+CNMI=2,3,2,1,0
00:23:24:207 [2] ThreadProcessModem: OK

00:23:24:207 [2] ThreadProcessModem: AT+CSMS?
00:23:24:327 [2] ThreadProcessModem: +CSMS: 0, 1, 1, 1 OK

When I send a request to send a message including ReceiptRequested=Yes, eg

00:23:41:873 [5] ThreadProcessConnection: Processing request /?Sender=%2xxxxxxxxxxxxx&PhoneNumber=%2B2xxxxxxxxxxx&Text=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&Rece iptRequested=Yes

It sends the message but I dont recieve a status report in SMSIN, I do however find the following lines in smsdebug about 10 seconds latter

00:23:59:017 [2] ModemReceiveMessages: 06380C9152745351172750800100129400508001001265000000000012
00:23:59:017 [2] ModemReceiveMessages: SMSC address len = 6
00:23:59:017 [2] ModemReceiveMessages: SMSC Address = C019254735
00:23:59:017 [2] ModemReceiveMessages: SMS Message type = 01

My question is, is this a receipt?? I've tried converting it, looks like hex, but dont get anything usefull. What am I doing wrong? Shouldn't I be recieving receipts as messages in SMSIN with a prefix id:??

Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2005 - 09:32 pm:   

Very curious...

I believe that is a status report.

However, the modem is not formatting it correctly. It looks like it is leaving off the SMSC address, which is supposed to be at the start of the PDU (or a 00 should be there if the SMSC address is left off).

I'm going to see if we need to add a setting to deal with this, or if we can auto-detect the situation, and deal with it.

The AT+CNMI situation is curious ... but I think we can account for this by adding AT+CNMI=,,,1 to our standard initialisation.

Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Thursday, August 11, 2005 - 02:16 pm:   

We needed to post an update, v5.51d, for some MMS related issues.

But in this update, we've also included some changes to account for the bug in how many SonyEricsson phones seem to return status reports.

First, we've added AT+CNMI=,,,1 to our standard initialisation sequence. This enables status reports when "Direct to Modem" is not configured for the GSM modem settings (or the modem does not support this setting, as with the SE phones).

Second, we've added some logic to look for status reports that might be formatted incorrectly, in this case without the SMSC address field. This definitely seems to be a bug in how the status reports are formatted by the SonyEricsson phones.

I just tried it with a K750, which seems to have the same problem(s) described with the K700, and it is working.

The update can be downloaded at

Posted on Friday, August 12, 2005 - 09:33 am:   

Wow! That was fast! Thanks!

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