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Posted on Saturday, September 10, 2005 - 12:26 pm:   

Hello my friends,

there are 3 gsm operators and I can install 3 gsm modems.

To keep outbound sms messages sending costs as low as possible I would like to use masks to identify gsm operators by phone number and use routing to a respective gsm operator to keep costs
as low as possible .
Is it possible with 2-ay sms or other feature of nowsms ?

Another question.
There are a lot sms messages generated my sms gateways (internet or the like)
and I would like to use masks not to answer to internet generated sms messages, generated by the same sms gateway number.

So I need to build SQL database of all sms senders' mnumbers and vrify each number if coming from an individual person or from sms gateway omputer generator, to limit daily trafic to
sender's number to a reasonable number and to cut sending sms messages to gsm operators not on a welcome list.

How to arrange the above to be working with nowgsms ?

Darius Jack
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2005 - 07:46 pm:   

Hi Darius Jack,

If you don't have number portability issues, and can identify the operators by address ranges, then you can define these address range masks under the "Properties" for each GSM modem. Uncheck "Support any outbound message traffic", and add the appropriate masks to the "Preferred connection" list.

If you are only concerned with 2-way, and routing messages back out the same modem from which the message was received, then this can be accomplished by defining a "Phone Number" (again, under Properties for the GSM modem in the SMSC list) for each modem. When NowSMS routes a received message to a 2-way command, this "Phone Number" will be listed as the recipient of the message. By default, a reply from a 2-way command will go out with the original recipient as the sender, and NowSMS will know that sender gets routed through that particular modem. (If your 2-way command is more complex, and uses a redirect response, your redirect response needs to include a "&Sender=" parameter in the URL.)

As far as the SQL database goes, that would have to be something handled in your 2-way script. When NowSMS receives a message, it makes an HTTP request to your 2-way script, passing it details about the received message ... and your script could use that information to update or query a database and act accordingly.


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