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Mohamed Salim ALI
New member
Username: Salim

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Registered: 04-2005
Posted on Sunday, September 25, 2005 - 07:32 am:   

Hello all,

I face a new problem Dear all, with MM7 settings. we got that from my mobile operator. We are pulling MMS from their MMSC. They inform us that when the MMSC submit MMS to our NowSms gateway, they don't receive a succesfully delivery notification, and they request that Report every time they submit MMS to us. I check my MMSC.INA file and I see that I was enabled it in MMSC tab "EnableDeliveryNotification=Yes"

but still they don't receive any report from our NowSms gateway Server after submit MMS to us, I check in the log files of MMSCYYYYMMDD.Log Nothing inside, only we receive MMS on MMSIN directory (picture and text)

So how to enable that ? in order to reply back to the mobile MMSC a report for successfully Delivery. What I can add in MMSC.ina file ? Any one can help me on that ?
Thanks alot in advance.
Mohamed Salim ALI
New member
Username: Salim

Post Number: 32
Registered: 04-2005
Posted on Monday, September 26, 2005 - 01:00 pm:   

Hi All,

I do try myself and still pending, can any one help us on this issue, I spend more time in discussion board but no more on the way we are facing the problem as above.

We are pulling MMS from our Mobile operator MMSC, They required from us, a confirmation delivery message to be sent back to their MMSC when they submit MMS to us.

So, which Command set, we have to enable in MMSC.INA file ? to send back a Report to the Mobile opoerator MMSC after suucessfully receiving MMS ?
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
Board Administrator
Username: Bryce

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Registered: 10-2002
Posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2005 - 06:06 pm:   

Hi Salim,

I think you are the individual that one of our developers dealt with directly regarding this issue.

Normally, NowSMS atutomatically generates the required acknowledgment.

At least it does so following the standard protocol (MM7, or similar acknowledgement responses in MM4, MM1 or EAIF).

But the situation that I believe you are encountering is a connection to an MMSC that is not actually implementing the MM7 standard.

As I have been briefed, we recently had a support incident involving a connection to an "AnnyWay" MMSC, and this MMSC does not follow the standard MM7 protocol. Instead, like Ericsson, they have defined their own implementation of MM7, and claim to support MM7 but use a non-standard variation. (We already have support for Ericsson's variation, but this one is different.)

I believe that Vodafone MTC Kuwait is using this particular MMSC (but there may be other mobile operators that have been duped into believing that they have bought a product that supports MM7 when it does not).

We had to add a special configuration option to NowSMS in order to define an MMSC connection that supports AnnyWay's non-standard implementation of MM7.

If this is what you are referring to, and you're not the customer that we've been dealing with separately regarding this issue, then please let me know. I don't think we've posted the update that includes this configuration option to the web site yet, so I can provide it to you if you do not yet have this update.

If this is not the situation that you are describing, then it would be helpful to see an MMSCDEBUG.LOG from your system showing the MMS message being received.

Mohamed Salim ALI
New member
Username: Salim

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Registered: 04-2005
Posted on Thursday, October 06, 2005 - 11:02 am:   

Hi Bryce,

Yes, it was me who was working with your developer very helpful Brian. Really he was, and still helping us. we got the update and a non standard solution.
Now everything is fine, last Message I write to Breth, I was asking him the sender address in the url and after few days without response from Brian, may be he is busy, We got a solution by gessing and we added in the URL parameters MMSFrom=Shortcode and is working well now.

Thanks and once again, Excuse me because, now we are working as we was hoping with NowSms and more than I was thinking. So please Bryce and Brian, I apologise myself, because I have no choice to come back to you both in any problem I face.
My greetings for your Kind and quick help Both.


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