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Posted on Wednesday, September 28, 2005 - 06:29 am:   

We are currently using NowSMS for an SMS interaction campaign. We are using the 2-way to return an answer to a customers message. We use an SMPP aim for internal customers and a modem to receive messages from external customers.

Everything works great except the modem continuously fails with the message "2005-09-28 14:54:07,System,,COM1:,Modem Failure -- Unable to access modem, ensure that it is powered on and passes diagnostic tests". Once we receive that message we are unable to reconnect the modem and often have to power the modem off and connect it to a different port on the pc and then try and connect it again.

We have tried to different modems and they both have the same issue. The modems we are using are the Nokia 30 and a Ericsson F221m. In the log which unfortunately has been overwritten it said the error was "Could not negotation modem speed".

Please let me know if you have any ideas as to what may be causing this issue. ALso if you need any more info then please let me know.

Many thanks,

Unregistered guest
Posted on Sunday, October 02, 2005 - 01:18 pm:   

dose anyone know how to solve the gx25 o2 mms problem?
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2005 - 02:32 pm:   

Hi Bryn,

"Could not negotiate modem speed" basically means that we are not getting any response back from the modem.

NowSMS automatically tries different speeds to find a speed at which it can talk to the modem and receive a response back.

The fact that you are having to power down the modem suggests that somehow the modem is ending up in an unstable state.

The fact that it is happening with 2 different modems is puzzling. Are you using the same cable with both perhaps (we occasionally see problems with cables, where replacing a cable resolves this type of problem)?

I suppose it could be the COM port ... you mention connecting to a different COM port? Do you have the problem on both ports?

The next time this happens, try stopping the NowSMS services.

Then open up HyperTerminal (Start/Programs/Accessories/Communications), and open up a connection to the modem. Try different speeds. Press enter a few times, and see if you can get any type of response back from ATZ (press Enter after ATZ).

If you can't get back any response, try typing AT+CFUN=1 and press Enter ... any response?

Are you using the modem for MMS as well as SMS? If so, try typing +++ATH0 ... any response?

Try powering off the modem and powering it back on ... do you then get a response to ATZ?

If powering off the modem is the only solution, I don't know what to recommend other than trying different cables, different COM ports, different PCs, different modems.

When a modem goes unresponsive, NowSMS tries multiple techniques to try to wake the modem up ... but if the modem won't communicate with the PC, it is likely a hardware issue of some sort.

Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Username: Bryce

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Posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2005 - 02:34 pm:   


dose anyone know how to solve the gx25 o2 mms problem?

You would need to educate me as to what the problem is.

This is the support forum for the Now SMS/MMS Gateway software product. If your question does not relate to NowSMS, then I'm afraid that it is unlikely that I will be able to assist, as my priority is support for the NowSMS product.

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