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Biranchi Narayan Mohapatra
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Username: Boni_biranchi

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Posted on Friday, October 07, 2005 - 10:42 am:   

Everybody,well i ve developed a .mms file,now i am unable to test the file due to the lack of resources.i.e Neither i am able to configure the NowSMS gateway nor i am able to test it.
So i want that,if any body can test my .mms file i.e the format of the .mms and its content.(It has one SMIL file and the SMIL file refers to one Image and a text file).
so if any body can help me and suggest me if there is any pboblem with the file.

well can any body say me:
1.How can i send the .mms file(i.e i want an ASP application or else can i use Dot net application to send it over HTTP).
2.How can i save the .mms file so that i can send it through my application.
kindly suggest me,for which i ll be greatful to you.
Thanks in advance
text/htmlMMS File
test.MMS (14.6 k)
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
Board Administrator
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Posted on Friday, October 07, 2005 - 06:49 pm:   


I think you're getting ahead of yourself in creating an "MMS file".

This ".mms" format is the format in which MMS messages are delivered over the air. But, generally, if you are submitting MMS messages to an operator MMSC, you use a different protocol with a different format (usually MM7 which is XML and MIME based).

I take it that you've given up on configuring NowSMS ... because as I've mentioned to you in other threads, you need a connection to an SMS provider or a GSM modem to actually send out any messages.

Without that type of connection, I don't know what you expect to achieve.

The best suggestion I can offer you is to download the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit from www.forum.nokia.com, and you should be able to load your MMS file into that toolkit if it is validly formatted.

Good luck.

Biranchi Narayan Mohapatra
New member
Username: Boni_biranchi

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Posted on Saturday, October 08, 2005 - 04:00 am:   

Thanks for your suggestion,well i ve a few more questions,i think you wont feel bore to answer my questions.
1.well i want to build an application using ASP where a mobile user request's for a mms message.
2.can i store the MMs message in the Database or else i can store it in the webserver and then i can pass notification to the user by sending him the URL of that message being stored at.
3.Is there any procedure where can i send him directly the .mms message.
kindly suggest me .
Thanks in advance
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
Board Administrator
Username: Bryce

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Posted on Tuesday, October 11, 2005 - 04:40 pm:   

1. Ok.

2. This may or may not work. Please see http://www.nowsms.com/howmmsworks.htm for some explanation of how MMS works.

I think you understand the basics of how MMS works, but there are some practical considerations that you might not understand.

I believe you understand that at its core, delivering an MMS message involves the following steps:

a.) An MMS message is stored on a web server in the MMS Encapsulation format (the format generated by MMSCOMP).

b.) An MMS notification message is sent out (via WAP Push over SMS) with a URL pointer to the MMS content on the web server.

c.) The receiver receives the MMS notification message, and fetches the URL pointer to the MMS content.

Here's the practical problem that you also need to understand ...

In the above scenario, the operator MMSC is normally the web server on which MMS message content is stored.

When you send out a notification for an MMS message residing on another web server, you are essentially acting as your own MMSC. And the problem is that many mobile operators effectively block MMS message delivery from external MMSCs. The link that I referenced above explains this in some more detail.

That is why I was stressing to you that I think you are getting ahead of yourself in focusing so much attention on creating the "MMS file". Even if you get that created, one or more of your target mobile operators might block direct delivery. And if you have to go the route of delivering MMS messages through the operator MMSC (instead of acting as your own MMSC), you're generally no further ahead by having your own precompiled "MMS file", as this is frequently not an input format that they support.

So that is why I am stressing that you need to get connectivity issues sorted out.

3. If you have an "MMS file" in the proper format on a web server, you can generate an "MMS Notification" for the URL via the NowSMS web interface. Of course, this requires that you have SMS connectivity out of the NowSMS server to allow this notification message to be sent.


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