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Frank Danielson
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Posted on Friday, February 10, 2006 - 04:51 pm:   

We connect to multiple SMSC's with most of them servicing GSM networks. A recent connection was for a CDMA network so I set the WDP adaption option in the SMSC config and made the ini file parameter BinaryDCS=4 for that SMSC. The catch is that WAP Push messages are being sent with a DCS of F5.

2006-02-10 11:41:02,43ECC130.req,,7122405658,OK -- SMPP - smscaddress:6300,Binary=1;DCS=F5;UDH=0605040B8423F0;Data=1C0601AE02056A0045C60C0 370726F706F7274616C2E646174616F6E6169722E6E6574000701035468697320697320612074686 52066697273742074657374207761702070757368000101

Is BinaryDCS a global parameter or can I set it on a per-SMSC basis? I can't be the first person to want to connect to both GSM and CDMA networks.

Here's a snippet from the log file.

[SMPP - smscaddress:6300]
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Monday, February 13, 2006 - 11:04 pm:   

Hi Frank,

You raise a very good point.

While it may be a good idea to enable this setting on a per-SMSC interface ... I'm inclined to have the opinion that the DCS should always be set to 4 when WDP Adaptation is enabled, regardless of the BinaryDCS setting.

In fact, that's what the spec says, so we are going to make an adjustment. Unfortunately, between the 3GSM conference this week, and our pending release of NowSMS 2006 the following week, I don't think we can release a patch for this until the NowSMS 2006 release.

If you have an urgent need, please e-mail with "Attention: Bryce" in the subject line, and I'll see what we can do.

In the meantime, I would suggest that you try using the BinaryDCS=4 setting on a global basis. There was one brief release of NowSMS a couple of years ago where we changed this default from F5 to 4. The reason that we changed it back was because we encountered a lot of problems with people using GSM modems, on I believe it was the Vodafone network. But if you're only using SMPP connections, I think you'll be fine with the setting of 4 ... at least you should be. But like anything else, you need to try it with your providers.

But we'll definitely be making this change in the very near future.

Frank Danielson
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Posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2006 - 01:43 am:   

All of the current connections are to GSM networks and use the default DCS of F5. Since they're working I'm reluctant to change the config. I like the idea of defaulting the DCS to 4 when using WDP adaption. That way not only would it be correct but the product would work in most scenarios without the end user having to understand what the DCS value should be set to.

We're actually connecting to the CDMA carrier through an SMS service bureau that serves a number of carriers so I think that there is some abstraction between what we send and what eventually goes to the network. It may be possible that WDP adaption is not required.

We'll try it out and see how it goes. If it just won't work any other way I'll send the email as you suggested.
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Friday, March 03, 2006 - 09:58 pm:   

Just an FYI follow-up, the change that I mentioned above has been incorporated into the NowSMS 2006 release.

At this point we haven't patched v5.51 to change this behaviour.