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Mounir Haddad
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Posted on Tuesday, March 28, 2006 - 02:19 pm:   


1-I tested sending sms picture using the new URL parameters PictureMessageDataURL and PictureMessageOut

1-Would it be possible to add a Text parameter so that a text message is also sent together with the picture ?

2-With regard to EMS pictures and EMS logos. Is sending procedure the same for both ? would a SonyEricsson user be given the choice of saving the picture as logo whenever he receives one ? (because I could not see any distinction between Logo / pictures in EMS specification

3-With regard to sending pictures to TDMA, CDMA, ReFLEX, Would using the //SCKL be enough for nokia messaging ?
Would MCC MNC be needed for sending logos in the case of CDMA,TDMA REflex?

4- Would you recommend any web site with an exhaustive list of MCC MNC per operator and also standards per operator(GSM, CDMA etc..)

Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Tuesday, March 28, 2006 - 07:27 pm:   

1. It's something we're looking at adding in the future. But right now there is no support.

2. There's not a concept of logos in EMS like there is with Nokia Smart Messaging. (To be honest, logos have become a bit of an outdated concept as with colour screens, people expect to be able to use any picture as a logo, not just ones that are specially formatted to be used as a logo.) Generally, EMS phones that I have seen give you an option to save the image and/or use it. By "use it", I'm referring to options to save it as a background or associate it with a particular phonebook contact.

3. Yes, the //SCKL format is used in those environments. Well, at least for TDMA and CDMA. I only know of Reflex as an old 2-way Motorola pager technology, and I'd be surprised to see any Nokia Smart Messaging implementations for that network.

We don't have any options in those functions for //SCKL output. But that is what you would use.

I'm not familiar with the MCC MNC code issues in the CDMA and TDMA environments. Nokia does have publications on Nokia Smart Messaging in those environments, which you can download from (The TDMA document makes no mention of operator logo support. The CDMA document makes mention of operator logo support, but does not seem to answer your question. Nokia might have other resources that are newer than what I've previously downloaded.)

4. Sorry, there used to be a great resource for the GSM side of things at, but it looks like all of those codes are not available there like they used to be.