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Posted on Friday, April 07, 2006 - 11:25 pm:   

Dear Bryce I'm a bit confused regarding the number of SMS a rtttl ringtone uses.
For example.
For the rtttl file below.

I get 2 sckl strings with ringtonetools, while coding workshop produces 3 sckl strings.
Both programs use the length of 140 characters per SMS.

As far as I know these SCKL strings should be submitted seperatly with nowsms. so 2 SMS in the case of ringtonetools and 3 in the case of coding workshop.
But the strang thing is that when I convert the rtttl with ringtonetools to a hexstring, and send it with Nowsms, there is only 1 SMS send.

What am I missing here.
How can I calulated the exact number of SMS it will take to send a rtttl string.

Crazy:d=4,o=5,b=125:g,8a#.,16g,16p,16g,8c6,8g,8f,g,8d.6,16g,16p,16g,8d#6,8d6,8a# ,8g,8d6,8g6,16g,16f,16p,16f,8d,8a#,2g,p,16f6,8d6,8c6,8a#,g,8a#.,16g,16p,16g,8c6, 8g,8f,g,8d.6,16g,16p,16g,8d#6,8d6,8a#,8g,8d6,8g6,16g,16f,16p,16f,8d,8a#,2g

Binairy string (024A3A550DC985E9E404009D1CCAE6106DA620420620A22C4986166184289B52620420620A28C26 C49B6186289B0C3126205A04205A04D86D8608410A2D026C22C49B61841B6988108188288B126185 98610A26D498810818828A309B126D8618A26C30C49881681081681361B61820000)

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Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2006 - 07:48 pm:   

Hi Jerrel,

When you send a Nokia smart messaging ringtone with NowSMS, it sends it out in GSM binary format. This is a more compact format than the "SCKL" strings which are sent in text format.

In binary format, each 2 characters in the hex string takes up a single byte. And a single message can contain 140 bytes. (There is also 7 to 12 bytes of header overhead in each message ... 7 bytes in a single part message, 12 bytes in each part of a multipart message).

In text format, each character in the hex string counts as a character in the resulting message. Conceivably you could fit 160 characters per message (11 characters overhead for the //SCKL string in a single part message, 21 characters overhead for the //SCKL string in each part of a multipart message).

That said, I'm not sure if there is a size limit less than 160 characters with the //SCKL strings or not. I tried some simple tests with sizes up to 160 characters (including the header), and it seemed to work, but some phones might only support smaller sizes ... hence the different number of SMS coming from the different tools.

All in all, it should be the same data, just a question of text vs. binary format ... and a question of the size limit applied to each SMS segment.