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Stéphan Kochen
New member
Username: Stéphan

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Registered: 11-2006
Posted on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 - 08:46 am:   

Hello again,

I'm seeing a problem where NowSMS is not converting an SMPP SMSC's identifier in a receipt to a NowSMS identifier. My application receives an id in the receipt of completely different form than what NowSMS would use, so I'm guessing it's the SMSC's.

This seems to happen about 50% of the time. When NowSMS does properly convert it, my application works fine aswell.

I have a suspicion that this is because we are connected to the SMSC over two SMPP connections to separate IPs. Our service provider tells us we can receive messages over either connection. I'm guessing NowSMS is sending on one connection and receiving a receipt on the other.

I'm attaching the SMPP debug log. (Changed some small details in it, though) Is this a problem on my side, the SMSC side, or something NowSMS doesn't support?

application/octet-streamSMPP debug log

Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 - 07:01 pm:   

Hi Stéphan,

Having a receipt come in from an SMSC connection other than the one to which the original message was submitted would present a problem.

If you have multiple connections to the same SMSC (same IP or host name), it is not a problem.

This is because the SMPP message ids are tracked on a per SMSC basis (as there is no guarantee of uniqueness across multiple SMSCs).

However, I think there is a way around this. I say "think", because I don't believe this has been documented anywhere.

Manually edit SMSGW.INI, and locate the [SMPP - x.x.x.x:yyz] sections. For each of your SMPP SMSC definitions, add TrackSMPPReceipts=logicalName to the section.

logicalName can be any text string that you want to use. NowSMS will group together SMPP message ids for any SMSC definitions that share the same "logicalName".

Stéphan Kochen
New member
Username: Stéphan

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Posted on Wednesday, January 24, 2007 - 11:12 am:   

Hello Bryce,

Thanks again for the pointer! It's working nicely now.

Looks like my project is fast on track to completion. :-)

Many thanks,
-- Stéphan

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