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Posted on Tuesday, January 06, 2004 - 10:21 pm:   

Ok, I am trying to send OLogo to siemens but of course the udh of nokia doesn't work, my question is what udh should i use that it is goind to work.
I've read a lot about EMS but it's not workin. I am using a sms gateway over http and I wonna know what udh i should use. please help me
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Wednesday, January 07, 2004 - 04:47 pm:   

Don't get hung up on UDH ... people think it is magic, but it is not. There are different data formats for different phones ... you don't just change the UDH, you also have to send the data for the image or ringtone in a different format.

Does the Siemens phone that you are trying to send to support EMS? (Most newer ones do.) There is also a Siemens-specific specification called SEO. I found a link to this spec here: http://home.yole.ru/_files/ota_specification_release1.0.2.pdf

There are also some conversion tools out there that you might find useful, but they seem to deal more with ring tones than images ... here's one that does SEO:

Posted on Wednesday, January 07, 2004 - 10:23 pm:   

Ok, i saw links u gave to me, but it's not workin, i am tired of reading, OTA specifications, how to create EMS, and so on and so on. I already think that sending logo to siemens is unpossible. I read that with that tool i can make my hex copy of the bmp file, but it is i think too big fo sending with one sms, so it must be seperated i guess. A lot of things have been written and a lot of specifications i've read. So my question is: it is possible for me to send to my siemens C45 operator logo. i use clickatell and with nokias I dont have any problems. But siemens.... help me please. with file2hex I made this hex: 424DE6000000000000003E00000028000000480000000E0000000100010000000000A8000000C40E 0000C40E0000000000000000000000000000FFFFFF00FFFFFDFFFDFFFFFFFF000000FFFFFDFFFDFF FFFFFF000000FFFFFDF8FBFFFFFFFF000000FFFFFEF77BFFFFFFFF000000FFFFFEFFFBFFFFFFFF00 0000FFFFFF4717FFFFFFFF000000FFFFFF1AE7FFFFFFFF000000FFFFFF1DF7FFFFFFFF000000FFFF FF3DE7FFFFFFFF000000FFFE7F7DC7FCFFFFFF000000FFFC383AC0F87FFFFF000000FFFC07870F00 7FFFFF000000FFFE7FBFDFFCFFFFFF000000FFFFFFC0BFFFFFFFFF000000 , this is a little birdy I guess, how can I send it through clickatell gateway. I guess there must be put network codes and so on, also the lenght of the message... but I dont know how to combine them, please show me dhe UDH made with that hex and how u make it, please let me know. U see i've made over 130 mb downloading specifications, I am reading for mms, ems, gprs, am printing that specifications readin readin.. and i dont see any similarity with sending logos. Or sometimes it is just said that WE CAN SEND LOGO and ringtone... and noting more, FOR GOD SAKE I know that this could be, this is the reason for that downloadin..... please fellows help me, couse i dont know already who is the man that will show me the way.
After the udh i supposse there has to be put data=00... ot something. if you know share that knowlidge. my telephone is siemens c45 i will find my network codes if they are nesecary.
ok 10x and i hope you will explain that to me:-)
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Thursday, January 08, 2004 - 07:02 pm:   

I'm sorry, but I'm not an expert on Siemens phones.

But maybe it will help if I explain this ...

The "operator logo" that you are sending is a Nokia specific concept. It is a format that is specific to Nokia Smart Messaging.

Even with newer Nokia phones, the old operator logos are somewhat obsolete, as a monochrome image is not all that desirable on a full colour screen.

Other phone manufacturers follow different specifications, and use different formats.

There's not a standard for operator logos that is common to the different manufacturers. In fact, while you can include images in EMS messages, there is not a concept of "operator logos" in EMS. There is a concept of "operator logos" in the Siemens specific SEO specification, which I included a link to above.

(Things are somewhat better in the colour world, because standard image types like GIF and JPG are used.)

I'm looking at your hex string above, and I don't recognise the format of it. I'm not even sure how you would send that string to a Nokia. Before you ran that file through file2hex, what format was that file?

I put it back into binary format, and I can see that it is a monochrome BMP file.

Even to send that out to a Nokia phone, the BMP file needs to be converted.

I used ImageMagick to convert the BMP file to an OTB (Nokia OTA Bitmap) file, which is what you would normally have to do if you wanted to send this bitmap out to a Nokia phone. The hex string for the OTB file is:

00480E010000003F40000000000001804020030000000003F878F0FF8000000003C7C53F07800000 000180823803000000000000C21800000000000000E20800000000000000E51800000000000000B8 E8000000000000010004000000000000010884000000000000020704000000000000020002000000 00000002000200000000

To send this out as a Nokia operator logo, you have to append the MNC and MCC code for the operator to the start of the message. If you use the "Send Nokia Operator Logo" option in NowSMS, and paste this string into the "OTA Bitmap Data" field ... and supply the correct MNC and MCC codes, then it will be sent out as a Nokia operator logo.

Now let's say that you want to send this out in an EMS message. The first four bytes of the OTB file (00480E01) are a header that is specific to the OTB format. It indicates that this image is 72 (48 hex) bytes horizontal by 14 (0E hex) bytes vertical. The data that follows is the bitmap data itself.

The bitmap data format used in EMS is the same as OTB, but the header is different.

The EMS picture header starts with an offset in the SMS message at which it should be displayed (we'll use 0 in this example). Then comes the horizontal size divided by 8 (the image must be a multiple of 8 in width), then the vertical size. So we replace the OTB 4 byte header with 00090E.

Then, to send this image as an EMS, we need to put it into the appopriate EMS UDH, in this case, we will send it as a variable picture.

And we end up with the following UDH:

83 (overall length of UDH)
12 (EMS variable picture identifier)
81 (length of variable picture)
00090E (EMS picture header - offset 0, 9*8=72x14 size)
0000003F40000000000001804020030000000003F878F0FF8000000003C7C53F0780000000018082 3803000000000000C21800000000000000E20800000000000000E51800000000000000B8E8000000 00000001000400000000000001088400000000000002070400000000000002000200000000000002 000200000000

Send all of that out in the UDH. And for max compatibility with GSM modems, put 0000 in the "data" field, and set the DCS to 8.

And this is sent out as an EMS variable picture.

But it's not an operator logo. (Some EMS phones might let you save this as a background.)

The Siemens specific specification that I referened above does have support for operator logos. That format takes a standard Windows BMP format file, but I've never used SEO before, so I can't provide an example for that.

To be honest, it sounds to me like you need an SDK. I've never had the time to evaluate it, but there's a toolkit at http://www.businesms.com that you might find interesting ... particularly their EMS edition.

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Posted on Thursday, January 08, 2004 - 09:18 pm:   

siemens phones...my favorite!!! for your c45, just convert the black and white bmp file to seo or ems, then, get it as a hex code, and send as specified. on ur fone, a 101 x 29 pixel picture is seen as an operators logo, and a 101 x 50 a wallpaper and screensaver. Siemens depends on the size for the functionality. Not sure if u can use a logo for a screensaver though... oh, and (4 wallpaper) it SHOULD take 101 x 46 because 101x50 will cut off 4 pixels, as there is always 2 lines at the bottome, and 101x 50 for screensaver, but u get the idea. not that it doesn't take 101x64 for screensaver and wallpaper, it will just cut off some of the pic because of the 1 line of text at the bottom when the screensaver is in use!
there. useful site!
Posted on Thursday, January 08, 2004 - 09:43 pm:   

ok there is some kind of problem. I am sending that udh and data after it, but there is something wrong, i dont receive anything. I tried to send picture from my mobile operator's site as logo and that worked. When I received it my tlephone said: data message received. and I could save it. So my question now is: if I try to send some data over http sms gateway (as clickatell) and if it is some bmp, what convertors should I use for geting the hex of the bmp file, and what should be the begining of the udh. I think there should be another way sending data-it's not only EMS, because in one of the specifications I saw that siemens C45 doesnt support anything but the predefined pictures that are already on my telephone. ok, if I use that hex that I posted already here what should be the begining of the udh ?
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Friday, January 09, 2004 - 02:37 pm:   

Sorry, but I think I've invested about as much time in this as I can. After all, this is a support forum for the NowSMS product ... and my priority is to support our customers.

I don't know if there is an issue specific to the C45, or if there is something wrong with the way that you are submitting the data.

I sent the above out as an EMS, going through NowSMS, to a SonyEricsson T68, and it worked fine.

According to my information, early versions of the Siemens C45 did not support user defined pictures, but later versions do. Software release 31 and later do, earlier versions do not.

Perhaps the Siemens C45 specific link referenced above will help you.

Good luck!
Posted on Wednesday, February 04, 2004 - 02:54 pm:   

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2442.bmp (3.1 k)
Posted on Wednesday, February 04, 2004 - 02:56 pm:   

2583.bmp (3.1 k)
Posted on Wednesday, February 04, 2004 - 02:59 pm:   

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