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vishal gupta
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Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2007 - 09:16 am:   

Hi All,
The entire setup is as follows:

--I am behaving as an ESME Client and connecting to a USSD gateway via SMPP 3.4.
--I am able to connect successfully to USSD Server and able to send SMS Messages.
--I am binding in transreceiver mode.
Now My requirement is that the ESME Client (Now SMS Gateway) should send USSR request with the session info parameter set to the GSM would appear as menu format in receiptient mobiel.
For eg , pls see the structure below.


Now if the User selects 1 it should be routed back to my ESME via USSD Gateway and i would respond accordingly. In short i need to send USSR Request. Does NOW SMS supports parameters like ussd_op , its_session_info and other SMPP optional parameters and how.

Request help and guidance on the same.If someone has already done any such thing would request their comments ASAP.

Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
Board Administrator
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Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2007 - 05:12 pm:   

Hi Vishal,

Yes, it is possible to configure NowSMS to support USSD parameters such as ussd_service_op and its_session_info.

Here is a past discussion with some pointers:

The basics of the setup are this:

You need to edit SMSGW.INI and add the following section:


Then, when you submit a message via the HTTP interface, include the parameter "&SMPPOption_ussd_service_op=x" to specify the value that you want to set.

It is also possible to specify a default value for this setting when connecting to a particular SMSC definition. Under the [SMPP - address:port] section of SMSGW.INI, add DefaultSMPPOptions=ussd_service_op=x

See more info on the [SMPPOptions] section here:

When you receive messages back via USSD, if the ussd_service_op parameter is set in the message, then it will automatically be added to your 2-way command URL as "&SMPPOption_ussd_service_op=x". It is not necessary to explicitly define a variable in the 2-way command to have this setting passed.

I haven't had any experience with the "its_session_info" parameter, as the specifications don't indicate that it is USSD related, but rather that it is for the CDMA interactive teleservice as defined by the Korean PCS carriers.

You could support "its_session_info" in NowSMS by adding its parameter definition to the [SMPPOptions] section of SMSGW.INI. The specs define it as a 2-byte octet string, but I'd define it as a 2-byte length integer in NowSMS. (Or as a 2-byte HexString, using the new HexString type definition discussed in the following thread:


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