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Username: Cheerie

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Posted on Friday, April 13, 2007 - 04:13 am:   

I hv config 2 SMSC connections and I can only send 2sms/sec for every connection.

However, my smpp connection to my smsc is 16sms/sec.

I tried to enable the SMPP async mode to 8 window size but only 2sms sent per sec.

How can i increase the throughput for each smsc connections?
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Friday, April 13, 2007 - 04:47 pm:   

The trial version of NowSMS is limited to 30 messages per minute. If memory serves me correctly, it will also allow no more than 1 per second.

If you need a trial that supports more messages, then you need to contact us for a trial that supports higher capacity.

Assuming the serial number (or enhanced trial) is in place, SMPP async mode would be the answer.

In recent updates (such as, there is an extra debug setting to help get information about SMPP async mode delays.

If you specify a window size of 8 in SMPP async mode, this means that NowSMS will submit up to 8 messages without receiving an acknolwedgment back from the server. But it won't submit a 9th message until it gets at least one acknowledgment back from that group of 8. As the acknowledgments come in, more messages can be sent.

But if the server is not sending these acknowledgments back fast enough, NowSMS spends a lot of time just waiting.

Anyway, in recent updates, you can add DebugAsyncSMPP=Yes under the [SMSGW] header of SMSGW.INI. (Restart the SMS service after applying this setting.)

Then, if NowSMS encounters any wait delays during SMPP async mode processing, it writes an informational log entry to SMSOUT-yyyymmdd.LOG that tells how long it had to wait.

If you see a lot of these entries specifying a wait delay, then it is likely that the other SMSC is not configured to accept messages as quickly as you are sending them.

In some cases, multiple logins to the same SMSC may also offer increased performance.


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