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Seven Rains
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Posted on Tuesday, May 01, 2007 - 11:47 am:   


I have been playing around with NowSMS and I have found two issues concerning the web interface:

1.) The web interface @ Send Text Message, when inputing the sms text, is very slow due to the javascript counter which calculates the SMS message length. I have tested it on a 3Ghz machine and it's still very slow once you try to input text to the form which is rather large (3-n calculated SMS messages). This is probably due to the fact that the used javascript function updateTextBoxCounter(); recalculates the message length onkeyup. This is quite a problem since the javascript hogs a lot of processing power sometimes leading to crashes of the browser itself. I have tested with IE and a Gecko browser. In both cases, after a rather "long" sms message text, the input is very slow leading sometimes to an unresponsive browser. I have attached the modified files to circumvent this. Although it changes functionality in some aspect, it allows users to input the text in a decent manner. Please revise or alter the method or if useful, please apply.

2.) Some paths in the html web interface are prefixed with a forward slash '/'. This doesn't seem necessary and can cause unwanted problems if the port is reverse-proxied. I have tested with Tomcat and squid. Of course, links such as /AddrBook as found in the TOCFrame.htm can't be opened unless there is a direct connection to the NowSMS web service port. It will fail if the NowSMS web service is reverse-proxied. To circumvent this, I have removed the forward slash '/' prefixing some links. If useful, please revise and apply.


NowSMSFixes.rar (16.7 k)

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