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Posted on Tuesday, May 01, 2007 - 10:49 pm:   

We're looking for an SMPP solution for a not-so-usual setup, and here's a couple of questions:

Could a text message (not a Delivery Receipt) be received in NowSMS via an Outbound connection to an SMSC in NowSMS RX bind and then forwarded within NowSMS to another SMSC via a second Outbound connection's TX bind?

Texts from the first SMSC would come with known MSISDN prefixes, which I assume can be used for routing.

In other words, a Deliver SM packet should somehow be converted to Submit SM packet in another bind.

It'd be also very cool if the Delivery Receipts coming in the RX bind from the 2nd SMSC would route backwards to the TX bind to the 1st SMSC. That sounds unlikely, but I thought I'd ask anyway..

I've tried a scenario where texts from an SMSC were routed by their Source Addr ranges to a User (Inbound for NowSMS) connection, and it works fine, but couldn't find a way to route them to an outbound connection.

The goal is to implement SMS interworking between two mobile operators, 1st is CDMA and the 2nd is GSM. Most SMSC SME-s would not work as an SMPP client - the only way to retrieve off-net traffic from an operator is in an RX bind initiated by an SMPP client or a full server, such as NowSMS.


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