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Posted on Tuesday, July 03, 2007 - 04:07 pm:   


While trying to test flash SMS over the ATT/Cingular network in America, we saw that message is arriving in the phone not as a Class 0:

Coding Group (bits76) = 0 -> General Data Coding Indication
Coding Group (bit5) = 0 -> indicates the text is uncompressed
Coding Group (bit4) = 0 -> indicates bits 1 to 0 are reserved and have no message class
Alphabet (bits32) = 0 -> GSM 7 bit default alphabet
Rsvd (bits10) = 0

In summary, message is arriving without class specification. Is there anything we can do to determine if nowsms is sending it out as a class0?
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2007 - 06:24 pm:   


If you're going cross operator in the US, you can pretty much count on any extended attributes being lost.

There are also some messages that get routed through a cross operator gateway if you are going through phones under Cingular Blue vs. Cingular Orange contracts. (At least I don't think those networks are fully integrated yet.)

Flash SMS messages also aren't supported through many SMS providers, especially in the US.

When you send an SMS via the web interface of NowSMS, we set the DCS value to 0x10.

If the message goes out via SMPP, we remap the value to 0xF0 in order to be compatible with the SMPP data_coding parameter.

As a first step of confirming that the message is going out with the right DCS value, look at the NowSMS SMSOUT-yyyymmdd.LOG file, and verify that the DCS value is shown in the log entry. (You won't see the 0x10 to 0xF0 remapping for SMPP in the log as that happens transparently.)

Assuming that it is there, we're setting the value. But, truth be told, ATT/Cingular does seem to have a strange SMSC that loses a lot of non-standard message attributes ... so it could be stripping it.

You might want to try manually including "&DCS=F0" when submitting a message via direct URL request (e.g., http://nowsms:port/?PhoneNumber=xxxxxxxxxxx&Text=test+flash&DCS=F0) and see if that works any better than the DCS=10 setting that is applied via the web interface.


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