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Diego Quevedo
New member
Username: Doqb

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Registered: 07-2007
Posted on Sunday, July 22, 2007 - 02:22 pm:   


I am trying to configure nowSMS v2007.06.27 to send and receive mails from/to SMS. I have a SMPP connection to my SMSC.

The problem I face is with the format of the text displayed on the phone when it comes from Email. Here is one example:

Mail type: text
subject: "hello"
text: "this is a test"

WHAT THE PHONE DISPLAYS IS: "abc /hello /this is a test"

As I seen in other system it should show something like this: " (hello) this is a test"

debug shown in MMSDEBUG.LOG

12:02:13:955 [7] ThreadRouteSMTPIn: 13BD4082.RFC
12:02:13:955 [7] ThreadRouteSMTPIn: X-MMSC-RCPT-TO: SMS:50122
12:02:13:955 [7] ThreadRouteSMTPIn: X-MMSC-Auth-User: email
12:02:13:955 [7] ThreadRouteSMTPIn: X-MMSC-Received-From:
12:02:13:955 [7] ThreadRouteSMTPIn: From: <>
12:02:13:955 [7] ThreadRouteSMTPIn: To: <>
12:02:13:955 [7] ThreadRouteSMTPIn: Subject: hello}
12:02:13:955 [7] ThreadRouteSMTPIn: Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
12:02:13:965 [7] ParseAttachmentsFromInboundMessage: Skipping , content type text/html
12:03:25:768 [1] ThreadProcessConnection: Thread started
12:03:25:768 [1] ThreadProcessConnectionSMTP: Processing SMTP connection from
12:03:25:768 [1] SendCommand: 220 SMTP Ready
12:03:25:768 [1] ThreadProcessConnectionSMTP: 220 SMTP Ready
12:03:25:768 [1] ThreadProcessConnectionSMTP: EHLO mbdquevedo
12:03:25:768 [1] SendCommand: 250-Ok

SMSOUT.LOG file shows:,SubmitUser=email;Sender=719;Text="abc /hello /this is a test "
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
Board Administrator
Username: Bryce

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Registered: 10-2002
Posted on Monday, July 23, 2007 - 08:15 pm:   

Hi Diego,

There is currently very little customisation available for how e-mail messages are converted to SMS ... either the "From /Subject /Text" format, or there is an INI file option to only send the text of the message for more specialised configurations (EMailSMSTextOnly=Yes under [MMSC] in MMSC.INI).

On further review though, it sure doesn't make sense that we don't allow a template for some easy customisation. So we've made a simple change, as described below:


* SMS to E-mail - Add template setting to allow some minor changes to the standard SMS to e-mail format (From /Subject /Message Text) used by NowSMS. To change the SMS to e-mail format, edit MMSC.INI, and add an SMSEMailTemplate= setting to define a template for the SMS to e-mail format. The following replacement variables are supported in the template: @@FromAddress@@ (e-mail address of sender), @@FromName@@ (full name of sender), @@Subject@@ (subject of message), @@Text@@ (text of message). The default template is SMSEMailTemplate=@@FromAddress@@ /@@Subject@@ /@@Text@@

The update patch for NowSMS 2007 that adds this setting can be downloaded from

To accomplish the format that you want, you'd add the following the [MMSC] section of MMSC.INI:

SMSEMailTemplate=@@FromAddress@@ (@@Subject@@) @@Text@@

Brian Frederiksen
New member
Username: Aerialinkcom

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Registered: 07-2007
Posted on Monday, July 30, 2007 - 07:52 pm:   

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