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Posted on Saturday, September 01, 2007 - 02:14 am:   

Hello, I have 2 GSM Modems. If one modem fails, how y can do, that the SMS be sent by another modem? I use the modem 1 with sender in the properties, so, i send the SMS to this modem. but if this modem 1 fail? i need thatthe sms be sent by other modem that is not configured the SENDER. and is checked the box to send any outbound sms.

How i can do to proccess the SMS Delivery Report? Please an example, I use a URL to sen the SMS. how i can get the delivery report to send to my script.
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Monday, September 10, 2007 - 07:46 pm:   


I responded to your question about the modem fail over in another posting at the following link:

Regarding SMS delivery reports ... if they are supported by both your mobile operator and modem (they are not supported by all mobile operators and all modems) ... then they are received like normal SMS messages.

We convert the delivery receipts into a format that is consistent with what is found in the SMPP environment.

You will want to define a "2-way" command that routes these delivery reports to your URL for processing.

Use an "SMS Command Prefix" of id:* when defining the 2-way command, because the normal SMPP message receipt format always starts with "id:".

When a message is submitted to NowSMS via HTTP, the HTTP 200 OK response includes text such as the following:

MessageID=54321098.req, Recipient=+xxxxxxxxxx

If the message was posted to multiple recipients, this will be repeated for each recipient.

You can parse the text from this HTTP response to determine the Message id that NowSMS has assigned to the message.

When a delivery receipt comes back into the system, it gets routed to the 2-way command facility.

As I mentioned above, use an "SMS Command Prefix" of id:* when defining the 2-way command, because the normal SMPP message receipt format always starts with "id:".

Leave "Receive Phone Number(s)" blank (or in the context of receipts, it would be the sender address of the originally sent message, so you could define different scripts to process receipts for different sender phone numbers).

Then in the "Command to Execute" field, there is a parameter that you can use ... @@RECEIPTMESSAGEID@@, which will contain the message id for which this receipt applies. (This assumes that the service provider returns the message id properly in the receipt.)

You'll normally want to parse the "stat:" or "err:" text out of the text of the delivery receipt message. For GSM modems, "stat:" will either be "DELIVRD", "ENROUTE", or "REJECTD". "err:" will be "000" if there is no error, otherwise it will be non-zero.


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