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Darek Chorazewicz
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Username: Daro

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Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 12:04 am:   

We're having strange problem with conatenated ems.

When we sent a concatenated ems from siemens MT50 we're getting the following strings:

7b080400040201127300041c00000000000000000cccccc00cccccc00f3cc3300f3cc3300f0f0c00 0f0f0c000fc3ff300fc3ff300cf0cf000cf0cf000c330ff00c330ff00cffffc00cffffc00c033c30 0c033c300f3000c00f3000c00f33c3300f33c3300c3f0cc00c3f0cc00ffffff00ffffff000000000 000000000d0a3c303233363132393538373e2073

when sending from sonyericcson T300:
2200032B0201121B00020CAAA0E3D08820D050A2E09A908CE0A5D0A0C0D050F220FFF0A03ABDAD26 87EFEA3648DD0E93D56DFA5DDD3E93CF6D3548DD5693CF6DF59DDE5693C36DF5DD2D26BBDA61F23D DC5693CFF7B69A1C06A9DB74F23DDC3E93D5ED301D74A7B7D5E4735B0DBAABDB61F2B9AD2687DB77 3548DD0E93D5ED3BFDAE6E87C96A90BA1D26ABEF

The content of both msg are different but I see that header is different
For MT50:

SE T300:

Which scheme should be used for EMS concatenated?

Malcolm - Now Support
Username: Malcolm

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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2007 - 07:46 pm:   

Both of the UDH indicate a concatenated SMS message.

The one that starts with 08 is using a 16-bit reference number ... while the other that starts with 00 is using an 8-bit reference number.

Both are valid, however the 8-bit reference number is more frequently used because it is shorter and every byte counts when you're trying to squeeze a message into the smallest number of physical SMS messages.

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