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Keeran Janin
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Posted on Saturday, October 06, 2007 - 07:57 am:   

I have a scenario as such:

2 SMPP Connections to the same operator SMSC
Each of these connections have assigned to them an array of premium 2-way short codes.

I would like to be able to configure in NowSMS automatic routing for outbound (MT) SMS based on the shortcode defined in the 'Sender' paramters in a HTTP submit.

From what I can see in the SMSC pane in NowSMS there is a field called Sender (optional) and a checkbox called Allow Sender Address Override.

I have tried entering in all the shortcodes for a particular SMSC connection in this field e.g.:

(Sender: 11223,11224,11225,11226) but this does not work, anytime I send an SMS using http such as:


in my SMS-OUT file i get the error:

2007-10-04 18:36:08, xxx.req,, 447788123456, Error: No SMSC defined to route message -- SMPP - smscConnection1.smpp:5016, Text=My Message

When I put a single short code in the Sender field in the SMSC pane of NowSMS it will route all messages only with "Sender" set as that.

I've read of the SMSCRoute option in the SMSC.ini file however I cant change the URL strucutre as my sms services are distributed accross many providers.

Is there a way to set up in NowSMS itself (version 5.5) to transparently setup routing of outbound SMS to a particular SMSC SMPP connection based on the Sender paramter in a http submit?

Also, I am using the HOSTS solution put forward by Bryce Norwood to enable multiple SMSC connections to the same SMSC ip.

Malcolm - Now Support
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Posted on Thursday, October 18, 2007 - 07:25 pm:   


I believe you need an upgraded version of NowSMS in order to support the comma delimited list of sender addresses. (I also don't think that version supports the SMSCRoute settings either.)

With the version of NowSMS that you have, I believe the only solution would be to create multiple connections to the SMSC, one for each short code sender.

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