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Posted on Monday, May 26, 2008 - 12:58 pm:   

Hi All.

I have two SMS connections: the first one is to GSM modem and the second one is to SMSC via SMPP.
I configured outbound routing for sending all messages (preferred SMSC connection for: +7*) to SMPP connection. NowSMS receives messages from GSM modem, but does not send via SMPP. NowSMS stores SMSs to SMS-IN. SMPP connection is ok. Could you please help me.

Thanks and Regards.
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Tuesday, June 10, 2008 - 07:28 pm:   


The procedure depends on whether the SMPP connection is one where NowSMS is the client or where NowSMS is the server.

Or, in other words, it depends on whether the SMPP connection is on the "SMSC" list (NowSMS initiates the connection), or on the "SMS Users" list (other system initiates connection to NowSMS).

For an "SMS Users" type of connection, NowSMS assumes that any messages submitted by that system are for outbound message delivery, and it will route them for delivery to a connection on the "SMSC" list (unless it finds a match on a "Recipient addresses to route to this connection" in an "SMS Users" account definition).

With this type of connection, if you want a message received from an "SMSC" connection to an "SMS Users" connection, then in the "SMSC" connection properties, select the user account in the "Route Received SMS to local user" option.

If however, both connections are defined in the "SMSC" list, and you want messages received on one "SMSC" connection to be routed outbound on another "SMSC" connection, then this requires special configuration, as described in the following text excerpted from the changes file:

* SMS Gateway: Add support for configuration where NowSMS can transparently route SMS messages between 2 or more outbind SMPP connections. Configuration allows for SMS messages received via one outbind SMPP connection to be routed out via another outbind SMPP connection. (Outbind SMPP connections are SMPP connections where NowSMS initiates the connection, i.e., SMPP connections defined in the "SMSC" list.) Configuration of this type of setup requires manual editing of the SMSGw.INI file. For an SMPP connection that is receiving SMPP messages, under the [SMPP - host:port] header, add ReRouteReceived=xxxxx, where RouteName=xxxxx is defined under the [SMPP - host:port] header for the SMPP connection through which the received messages should be routed. (Note: To route received messages via any outbound route, specify ReRouteReceived=any.)

This requires NowSMS 2007.01.24 or later.


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