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Nicholas Mayne
Unregistered guest
Posted on Friday, January 30, 2004 - 09:59 pm:   

I'm trying to connect to an SMSC via SMPP and I'm having some problems with it. The SMSC wants us to connect to two different ports of the same machine. One port is for transmiting and the other is for receiving. The transmitting port is working just fine, the only problem so far is the receiving port.
To receive I set the "Receive SMS Messages" checkbox. Now I've traced what messages are being sent and below is the way the connection is working.

[out] = Generated by NowSMS
[ in ] = Generated by SMSC

Connection Dialog
[out] bind_receiver
[ in ] bind_receiver - resp: "ok"
[out] bind_transmitter
[ in ] bind_transmitter - resp: "ok"
[out] enquire_link
[ in ] enquire_link - resp: ok
[out] unbind
[out] enquire_link
[ in ] enquire_link - resp: ok
[out] unbind

this continues on and on. Is there any way to have a connection to an SMSC that is dedicated to bind_receive's only.
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
Board Administrator
Username: Bryce

Post Number: 1776
Registered: 10-2002
Posted on Monday, February 02, 2004 - 07:15 pm:   


I'm not sure that I follow why NowSMS is sending an unbind.

Unfortunately, we don't have an option to bind as a receiver only (although this is something that could probably be added quite easily).

However, I do have another idea. Perhaps what the SMSC does not like is not that NowSMS is binding as a transmitter and receiver, but rather that it is binding twice, and there might be a single connection limit for the account. In v5.01, there is an option for NowSMS to bind as a "transceiver" (combined transmitter and receiver session). This setting is activated by manually editing the SMSGW.INI file as described below:


* SMPP: Add configuration parameter under [SMPP - ip.address:port] section of SMSGW.INI. If ReceiveSingleConnection=Yes, NowSMS will bind to the SMPP server as a transceiver to send and receive over a single connection, instead of establishing a separate connection for receiving messages.


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