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Posted on Wednesday, November 05, 2008 - 05:46 pm:   

In a recent posting on the NowSMS Tech Support Blog (, we discussed some issues related to speed and performance of 2-way SMS command processing.

That posting hinted that we would soon be adding support for HTTP keep-alive sockets when processing HTTP-based 2-way SMS callbacks.

This feature is of particular importance if the web server that is hosting your 2-way command script is not on the same local network as NowSMS.

A keep-alive socket means that after NowSMS processes a 2-way command, it keeps the connection open to the web server, so that if there is another message to process, it doesn't have to reconnect to the web server.

How long the keep-alive socket is kept open is dependent on the web server. If the web server does not want to support keep-alive sockets, it can indicate this in its 2-way command response. Additionally, the server can close the keep-alive socket whenever it decides.

If it is suspected that this feature is causing a problem, it is possible to disable the use of HTTP keep-alive sockets by specifying 2WayKeepAlive=No under the [SMSGW] header of SMSGW.INI.

Generally speaking, in the updated release of NowSMS (2008.11.05), we have also applied a number of other performance optimisations and enhancements designed to improve the speed and efficiency of 2-way command processing ... allowing NowSMS to better process high volumes of inbound SMS traffic.

This updated version of NowSMS is currently available as a test version at

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