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When implementing 2-way SMS applications in environments with mobile number portability (MNP), it is usually a requirement that any reply that you generate to a mobile originated SMS message be routed back via the same SMSC connection as which the message was received.

We explained how to make sure that you do this in the following post: http://blog.nowsms.com/2008/06/2-way-sms-multiple-operators-with-same.html

However, sometimes there are further requirements.

When you're connecting via an SMS aggregator, it is the aggregator that manages connections to multiple operator SMSCs. When the aggregator delivers a message to you, they may include some routing information in the message, which you need to include in any reply, so the aggregator routes the message appropriately.

Frequently, in sceanrios such as this, the SMS aggregator will include this additional routing information in an SMPP TLV parameter. These parameters are not standard, they are provider specific. Therefore, NowSMS includes the ability to define custom parameters via the "SMPPOptions" settings, which are described at the following link: http://blog.nowsms.com/search/label/SMPPOptions

Effective starting with the 2008.11.05 version of NowSMS, if you want to include one or more of these TLV parameters in response to a reply generated by a 2-way command, it can be configured as follows. Under the [SMSGW] header of SMSGW.INI, the 2WayReplyCopySMPPOptions=xxxx,yyyy setting can be used to specify a list of "SMPPOptions" TLV paramters that should be copied (if present) from the received message to the reply message generated by the 2-way command. Any options specified in this list must be included in the [SMPPOptions] section of SMSGW.INI.

The above applies only if you are using the "Command returns response text" setting with your 2-way command.

If you are performing more complex processing, you will need to parse the SMPPOption_ parameters passed to the 2-way command directly, and generate these parameters as appropriate when submitting a URL request back to NowSMS.

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