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From a tech support e-mail ... posted here for future searches...


Do you guys have any thoughts on why a MultiTech GSM modem responds with ERROR 560 to this submit_sm? I tried searching for CMS ERROR: 560 on the discussion boards and found no hits.

09:29:33:250 [5] ThreadProcessModem: ERROR - Modem Response (2): +CMS ERROR: 560
09:29:33:250 [5] ThreadProcessModem: Error: ERROR - Modem Response (2): +CMS ERROR: 560

Here is a copy of the message file in the Q directory:

UDH=4D65737361676520666F7220474C43206170706C69636174696F6E2E20336337373664323036 65363136643635336432323437346435333530323233653537363136623635373537303363326637
LastErrorInfo=ERROR - Modem Response (2): +CMS ERROR: 560 -- MultiTech Systems USB EDGE Wireless Modem #2

This error code is in the manufacturer specific range (512+) ... and unfortunately, it is does not seem to be documented in the Multitech EDGE modem documentation.

However, in this particular case, the UDH (user data header) appears to be invalid.

The first byte of the UDH is the length of the UDH, which is fine in this case. The second byte would be the length of the first information element in the UDH ... and this value cannot exceed the overall UDH length. In this case it does, which would make it an invalid format.

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