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Imtiaz Ahmed
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Registered: 07-2004
Posted on Friday, July 09, 2004 - 09:10 am:   


1)I am doing a project in which I have to send MMS messages to some recipient from my computer which is connected to a Nokia handset on occurence of some event automatically. Can I use NowSMS to do above mentioned task?

2)My GSM mobile network Operator (ufone) is MMS enabled.

3)I have downloaded NowSMS gateway. I have installed trail version of NowSMS. but I am unable to configure MMSC correctly. Kindly help me in configuring NowSMS, I am listing the details below.
Handset : Nokia 7650
Handset is connected using IrDA
Setting in the handset:-
Phone IP Address : Dynamic
Primary Name Server :
Secondary Name Server :
Data Bearer : GPRS
MMSC operator (Gateway) IP Address :
Operator Home Page :

Help me in this regard
with regards
Imtiaz Ahmed
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
Board Administrator
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Posted on Friday, July 09, 2004 - 06:58 pm:   


I'm not sure what the GPRS APN (Access Point Name) is that should be used for that mobile operator. That is something that you need to determine.

I have found a reference on the internet that says that you should use one of the following APNs:

ufone.mms or ufone.pimms, ufone.plmms, ufone.pkmms

But I do not know if they are all equivalent. Check the settings in your phone to see which GPRS APN is being used by your current MMS configuration settings.

The basic configuration is outlined at the following link: ontent/Connecting_to_operator_MMSC.htm#SendingMMSMessages

You will define an account under the "MMSC Routing" page, and then make that the default route.

"Account name" and "Account Description" can be set to any value as they are used only internally by NowSMS.

"Default Sender Address" should be left blank.

"Allow sender address override" should NOT be checked.

"Route messages to this account ..." can be left blank (as long as you make this the default route).

"Route messages to VASP via" should be "MM1".

"Server Address" should be "".

"Login Name" and "Password" should be blank.

"Use specific Network connection (GPRS Modem)" should be checked.

"Network Connection" should be set to "Modem: name of your modem driver".

"WAP Gateway IP Address" should be "".

"Modem Used" should be "name of your modem driver".

"GPRS APN" should be one of the values referenced above.

"Login Name" and "Password" are most likely blank. Check your phone's configuration to see if a username and password is configured for connecting to the GPRS APN.

Press "Test Connection" to test your settings. (Note: This test only verifies that the GPRS APN and WAP Gateway IP address settings are accessible.)


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