2-way sms substituting Sender value not working

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Posted on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - 02:16 pm:   

I am trying to substitute the sender name as the the username for the server in nowsms 2-way but it wouldn't work. any help?

syntax i used for 2way sms is

logs shown below

Working log (sender not substituted)

21:43:23:913 [5] ThreadProcessInboundSMS: Processing 4CE3DBAF.in...
21:43:23:924 [5] GetProgramToExecute: http://user:pass@
21:43:23:924 [5] ThreadProcessInboundSMS: Executing http://user:pass@
21:43:23:924 [5] RetrieveURL: Retrieving http://user:pass@
21:43:23:924 [5] RetrieveURL: Looking up
21:43:23:926 [7] ThreadProcessConnection: Request processing complete

Not working log (subsituted sender for 2-way sms)

21:43:14:890 [5] ThreadProcessInboundSMS: Processing 4CE3CCC4.in...
21:43:14:898 [5] GetProgramToExecute: http://%2B6392377600:pass@sms.cxsmedia.com:8800/?phonenumber=343&text=20%2009081 9362
21:43:14:898 [5] ThreadProcessInboundSMS: Executing http://%2B6392377600:pass@
21:43:14:899 [5] RetrieveURL: Retrieving http://%2B6392377600:pass@
21:43:14:899 [5] RetrieveURL: Looking up
21:43:14:903 [5] RetrieveURL: Retrieving ?phonenumber=888&text=20%20090819362
21:43:14:904 [5] RetrieveURL: GET /?phonenumber=888&text=20%20090819362 HTTP/1.1
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Posted on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - 06:58 pm:   


I think the problem is because there is a "+" in the sender address. When NowSMS substitutes variables into an HTTP URL command, it URL escapes variable values that require escaping.

The http://user:pass@server syntax that we use is not an official HTTP URL format, but one that we borrowed from the FTP URL format.

Unfortunately, we are URL escaping the values, which is not appropriate.

My advice would be to instead pass the username & password values via URL parameters:

http://@ @@sms@@

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Posted on Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 01:05 am:   

thanks a lot des. it worked. it is not an issue on the + on the sender address. it was the ftp-like authentication that i am doing.

your syntax worked.
good job.