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Jay Zat
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Username: Jay666

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Posted on Sunday, August 04, 2013 - 08:32 am:   

I downloaded it & installed on my Window 7 machine.
I installed at as administrator.
Software detected my "Samsung Galaxy Ace +"
I am trying to send TEST SMS it is showing "Error 500". & not sending SMS.
Does it due to blank "Modem Pin"? I do not know what is it?
I wanted any tip or solution
Des - NowSMS Support
Board Administrator
Username: Desosms

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Posted on Monday, August 05, 2013 - 04:31 pm:   


Unfortunately CMS ERROR: 500 can be rather difficult to troubleshoot.

According to the specifications, this error means "unknown error" ... so if a modem returns this error it could mean anything.

Generally speaking, we recommend using dedicated modem devices (e.g., USB stick modems) instead of using a phone as a modem.

That said, here is some troubleshooting advice for common causes of this error.

In NowSMS, try setting "SMS Access" to "GSM".

Verify that your SIM is active, and that you can send SMS by putting the SIM into a phone for testing. (Or as you are using a phone as a modem, verify with the SMS client in the phone.)

Verify that you have good signal strength ... this error is often returned when there is a weak signal.

We've also been seeing some issues lately with USB phones and modems exposing multiple virtual COM ports on the PC where only one of the ports can be used for sending/receiving SMS, and another for data only. It may be worth going into the "Device Manager" area of the "System" applet in the Windows Control Panel, and look at your COM ports. If there is more than one for the modem, try all of them.

Another issue is that some modems have an issue in their AT command interface where they require the SMSC address to be included with every request. NowSMS assumes that the modem will use the SMSC address stored on the SIM card. To configure NowSMS to send the SMSC address, manually edit the SMSGW.INI file and under the [Modem - name of your modem driver] header, add:


Replace +xxxxxxxxxxx with the SMSC address of your mobile operator. (Tip search Google with SMSC Address your operator name to find this address.)

With a lot of phones you can easily get the SMSC address configured on the SIM from messaging settings. But it is more difficult with Samsung Android phones. To get the current SMSC address from a Samsung Android phone, dial *#*#4636#*#* ... this will bring up a testing menu. Go to Phone Information and scroll down to where it says SMSC with "Update" and "Refresh" buttons. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT PRESS UPDATE. If the SMSC address is blank, press Refresh. Take the number shown and type it into "Hexadecimal PDU" at, then press "Convert" to get the actual SMSC address.

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