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Muhammed Fazil C
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Posted on Wednesday, November 06, 2013 - 06:23 am:   

Am using Motorola MB525 phone as modem for NOWSMS, even though am able to send SMS from my phone am not able to send it via NOWSMS, outbound Queue count increases on each SMS been added to outbound queue. but its not being send.

Error shown in SMSOUT LOG is as follows: ERROR - Error waiting for response from modem (1) -- Motorola USB

Can you please help me?
Des - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Thursday, November 07, 2013 - 05:44 pm:   


This error indicates that the modem interface made available by that phone most likely does not support sending SMS via the modem interface.

Specifically this error indicates that the modem is not responding properly to the AT+CMGS command.

There is one thing you can try ... actually two ... but I am not optimistic that either of these suggestions will work. A better solution is using a dedicated modem device such as the many different USB modem sticks that are available on the market. Unfortunately as mobile phone software has gotten more complex, fewer mobile phones implement a complete GSM modem interface that includes SMS support.

Suggestion #1: Edit SMSGW.INI and locate the section header of that file that contains modem settings (e.g., [Modem - Motorola USB]). Under that section header add ModemSendWorkaround=Yes ... then try again. Either this will work, or the error message will change as this setting ignores the error you are currently encountering.

Suggestion #2: Some phones and modems provide access via more that one virtual COM port. One COM port can be used for internet access/tethering and the other COM port provides full modem access. When this is the case, the device manufacturer assumes that end users want to use the modem for internet access/tethering, and the manufacturer software only installs a modem driver for the COM port that can be used for internet access/tethering.

To determine if #2 is the case ... go into the System applet in the Windows Control Panel, and access “Device Manager”. In the “Ports (COM & LPT)” section, look for other COM port interfaces that might be provided by your modem. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your device to confirm a suspected port is actually associated with the modem.

If you have identified a COM port number, it is possible to add the modem to NowSMS by referencing the COM port number directly. Try adding the COM port as a GSM modem in NowSMS and see if it works. (This is not possible in NowSMS Lite, but for Lite you can install a generic Windows modem driver as I will explain shortly.)

If you use the COM port directly in NowSMS, you won’t be allowed to configure the modem for sending and receiving MMS. It will support SMS only.

The simple way to enable support for sending/receiving MMS, or to enable the modem to be used with NowSMS Lite, is to manually install a Windows Modem driver for this COM port. This can be done through the “Phone & Modem Options” applet in the Windows Control Panel. We recommend that you manually select the modem driver, rather than having Windows detect the modem. For best results, use the “Standard 33600 bps Modem” driver.

After installing this Windows modem driver, configure NowSMS to use the “Standard 33600 bps Modem” instead of using the direct COM port reference.

NowSMS Support

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