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Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - 12:49 am:   

From a support email:


If the USSD response contains terminated line character (\n), the two way command only send the first line of the response. Here is the log:

17:18:24:743 [19] ThreadProcessModem: IN:
+CUSD: 1,"Account detail
Nomor Tri: 6289604098439
-Pulsa Utama: Rp 305
-Bonus Umum: Rp 0
Berlaku s/d 15-JUN-15. Dapatkan informasi seputar kartu Tri mu di aplikasi
0. Lanjut",15


17:18:24:743 [19] ThreadProcessModem: USSD Response for MessageID=55585907

Account detail
17:18:24:743 [6] ThreadProcessInboundSMS: Processing
17:18:24:743 [6] GetProgramToExecute: Found 2-way command prefix match *
17:18:24:743 [6] GetProgramToExecute: Best match so far for 2-way command prefix *
17:18:24:744 [6] GetProgramToExecute: http://url?originator=@@SENDER@@&text=@@FULLSMS@@&route=@@SMSCROUTE@@

Is there something wrong with the configuration?
Thanks and Regards,

USSD responses do get truncated if they contain a new line character.

A preliminary fix for this issue is included in the 2015.05.19 version. This version is now posted at

NowSMS Support

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