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Ansar V M
New member
Username: Ansarvm

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Registered: 06-2014
Posted on Monday, November 23, 2015 - 12:44 pm:   

Hi Des,

We are getting an error “Modem does not properly support command for sending SMS (AT+CMGS – PDU Mode)” when adding modem in nowsms software. Could you please help me to configure.

Modem Details: wavecom fastrack
Nowsms version is 2014.05.30

Des - NowSMS Support
Board Administrator
Username: Desosms

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Posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 - 12:57 pm:   

Hi Ansar,

This error is a problem with the modem. Specifically, NowSMS is trying commands to send an SMS message. (No message is ever sent by this test, as it stops before any message is sent.)

This error indicates that the modem looks like it supports SMS, but this command is not working properly.

The most common cause of the error is that the modem port does not support SMS. There are some modems that offer 2 COM ports...both can be used for data, but only one can be used for SMS. If you try to use the data-only port, this error occurs.

Similarly, there are some phones that only offer a data-only modem interface.

I've never seen the above issue with any Wavecom Fasttrack modem.

The other cause is that the modem has detected an error condition, and it is returning an error response because SMS is not available. This could happen if there is no SIM, the SIM is not inserted properly, a PIN lock is enabled on the SIM, or there is no signal.

That is probably what you are seeing.

To troubleshoot further, I believe it is necessary to connect directly to one of the COM ports with a terminal program such as WinPuTTY or HyperTerminal. (Hyperterminal was included with Windows XP, and I believe there is a limited free version still available. WinPuTTY is a better choice ... available at

Connect to the modem COM ports and try ... typing in commands and see if you can get a response back.

Type AT and press Enter ... this should give you a response of OK or 0.

Type ATE1V1 and press Enter ... this should give you an OK response ... and if the modem was not previously echoing back what you type, it will now.

Type AT+CSMS=0 and press Enter ... I am expecting at least an OK response.

Type AT+CMGF=0 and press Enter ... again OK is expected.

Type AT+CMGS=86 and press Enter ... what happens now ... a ">" (greater than) character is expected. Do you see that, or do you see OK? OK means the first issue (data only port). ERROR means the second issue (signal or SIM).

If the second issue...

Type AT+CREG? and press Enter.

+CREG: 0 means no network.
+CREG: 1 means it is connected to an operator

NowSMS Support
Ansar V M
New member
Username: Ansarvm

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Posted on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 - 06:33 am:   

Thanks Des for your help.

Modem is working fine now. Issue was with SIM, i believe.

The commands that you have mentioned giving the expected results.


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