NowSMS cannot change SMS PID (TP-PID, Protocol Identifier) ??

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I’m using your nowsms for modify TP-PID(Protocol Identifier) of SMS Header.

Like follow article, I think change PID to what I want.

But like below URL calls not changed PID when receiver(01XXXXXXX) side analysis &text=111&PID=41 &text=111&PID=65 &text=111&PID=1 &text=111&PID=2 &text=111&PID=3 &text=111&PID=4

Receiver(01XXXXXXX) side SMS Header PID is ALWAYS 0

How can change PID.. May I missed others?

This depends on SMSC connection and what service provider supports.

For SMPP, UCP/EMI and CIMD2, NowSMS will transmit PID, but it is then dependent on whether the SMS service provider supports it.

The Android modem interface will not support this attribute.

The USB/serial modem interface will support this attribute, but some mobile operators ignore it.

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