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As the NowSMS NextGen release exits beta, we recommend that customers update to version 2021.03.01 or later, as earlier versions prior to this version may lose access to the one-click update feature after May 1.

Prior versions did not support SSL/TLS SNI (Sever Name Indication), which prevents NowSMS from being able to connect to some SSL/TLS, which require SNI compatibility. This affects downloads from our website, as we are changing web hosting providers, and the new provider requires SNI.

Below is a summary of other recent fixes:


* Add support for database connections on non-standard port. In the Database Server setting, use the format ip.address:port (or Example:
* Add SNI (Server Name Indication) for SSL/TLS to fix problems connecting to servers that require this support.


* Fix for error removing database connection.


* Fix for SMPP receive connection being created when “Receive SMS” and “Bind Transceiver” are both disabled. With these settings, NowSMS should create only a transmitter connection, but it was creating both transmitter and receiver connections.
* Fix for problem saving e-mail addresses in the “Authorised E-Mail to SMS/MMS Senders” list.
* Fix for invalid cloud server ID assignment problems where the ID would be all 0’s or mostly 0’s with one or more A values. (Cloud server IDs are used for connecting Android modems via the cloud.)


* Fix for "ERROR - File does not contain a license key” on any attempt to install a license. Licenses could still be installed by using copy & paste to manually enter the serial number and auth key, but license files could not be applied properly.


* Fix for issue introduced in 2021.02.10 update where the “Delete All” button stopped working in the received message and message queue lists. Also a fix for problems selecting individual messages in these lists.


* Fix for issues with the “Blocked Numbers” and “Blocked Senders” lists.


* Fix for Android modem connectivity issues and related crash, especially when connecting via cloud.
* Reduce CPU usage, especially for SMPP connections and when idle.
* Statistics: Fix for queue sizes reporting empty.
* Fix for crash related to broken link with redirect loops for downloading an update.
* Fix for service shutdown issues where shutdown was not always graceful.
* Fix for some problems related to INI file synchronization, where some updates were not automatically pushed to other servers operating from a shared database.
* Daily/monthly message limits, quiet hours, and message speed throttling for modem connections previously applied to SMS messaging only. This has now been extended to apply to both SMS and MMS messaging. Daily/monthly limits apply to combined SMS and MMS totals, while the messages per second throttling is enforced independently with SMS and MMS each having a separate throttle.
* MMSC/Inbound MM4: Loosen requirement that RCPT TO addresses in inbound messages must match the configured MMS domain name.
* Various improvements related to using Android modems and/or USB GSM modems in multiple server configurations operating from a shared database.
* PHP 7.3 uses a different default Unix socket name than previous versions. Additional logic added to locate the php-fpm socket if PHP support is enabled.
* User interface updates for outbound message queue, user inbox and received messages queue, including proper display of SMS messages that include a line break, and a “Forward” button.
* For web browser performance reasons, reduce the number of log entries displayed by default.
* Fix for invalid dates in the outbound message queue, and for some messages in the queue not being displayed.
* Debug log file display in the web interface now uses plain text to improve browser performance.


* Fix for stray text (usually an extra “>” character) appearing in some HTML admin templates. When this error occurred, it was usually in the serial number/license code display.
* macOS version updated to universal app, supporting both Intel x64 and Apple Silicon M1/ARM64.
* HTML admin fix for UI window sizing when adding a new USB GSM modem.


* Fix for error handling and timeout issues related to MMS over data connections.


* Fix for log file downloads reporting filename as “HTTP/1.1 200 OK” instead of the proper filename.
* Fix for "Error: MMSC Service Not Active" error occurring when submitting an MMS message via the web interface when the MM1/MM7 port is not active.
* Fix for “invalid host name” error occurring on most Linux platforms when attempting to test MMS settings for USB GSM modems.


* Fix for issue in some web browsers where it was not possible to add more than one license code.
* Logging to a Database: NowSMS maintains a persistent connection to the log database. In previous versions, if this connection is idle and the database server drops the connection, the next log entry might not be recorded.
* USB GSM Modem: Fix for an HTML error that prevented the “Save” button from working properly when modifying settings for this type of modem. In previous versions, the settings were saved, but the modem settings window was not closed.
* SMPP SMSC Connection: In previous versions, the configuration setting “Use 7-bit Packed Encoding for long text messages” was applying the opposite behavior from what was intended. (Turning the setting on actually turned it off, and vice versa.)
* 2-way SMS/Forward to E-Mail: Fix for an issue that caused corrupt subject lines.
* E-Mail Settings: Fix user interface issues related to these configuration settings.
* Fix for throttling delay which limited some SMPP connections to one message per second, even when a larger license was installed.
* Logging to a Database: Fix for a variety of issues related to messages that contain variations of quote characters: ‘, “ and `

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