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marc bazimon
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Posted on Friday, October 29, 2021 - 02:59 pm:   

Hi ,
Do you know about the SMPP extension called interogate HLR.?
This allows, by using SMPP connection to smsc , to request a SRI_for_SM to SMSC and send back the response to MMSC. This feature could be very usefull for the MNP ( mobile number portablity ) because the IMSI tells you on which operator the number belong.
i dig internet , and i found this

it is like a replacement for the mmsrouting callback that need one additionnal server.

Thanks beforehand for your response ,
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Friday, November 05, 2021 - 12:18 am:   

Hi Marc,

Sorry that it took me awhile before I could review the information at that link.

I've reviewed it, but I don't see anything about an SMPP extension that adds SRI_for_SM. Maybe I missed that detail ... but even if I did, in order to use the extension, you would need an SMSC that implemented this extension.

The patent describes an implementation of what is commonly referred to as a first-attempt-gateway. This is essentially a light-weight SMSC that can perform an HLR lookup and make one attempt to deliver a message. If for any reason this cannot be performed in a timely manner, then the message is queued via SMPP to another SMSC that can perform retries.

From an MMSC perspective, we'd prefer an HTTP based query to perform HLR lookups. Or, if we could find an example of a simple MAP/SS7 implementation that can perform these lookups which could be directly integrated into the MMSC, that would be very helpful.


marc bazimon
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Username: Marc_orange

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Posted on Friday, November 05, 2021 - 03:26 pm:   

Hi Bryce
thanks for your reply , yes i agree smsc should understand this extension in order to work properly.
Our supplier seems to propose this but i guess not for free.
i just in case of you was aware about this feature.
in the patent this is the part below on where i was interesting.

The interrogαte HLR operation is used to cause the SMSC 303 to interrogate the home HLR of a mobile station and return information about the location of that mobile station.
SMPP PDU Name Required SMPP Session Issued by Issued by
Following is the format of the SMPP interrogateJHLR PDU. The command Jd field contains the command identifier code for interrogate HLR.
'INTERROGATE HLR-RESP" Syntax This is the response to the interrogate HLR PDU and has the following format:
Field Name Size Type Description octets
H commandjength Integer Set to overall length of PDU.
E command id Integer interrogated LR_resp A command status Integer Indicates the outcome of the D interrogated LR request. E sequence_number Integer Set to the sequence number of original interrogate_HLR R PDU.
B first network node ton Integer Type of Number for O fιrst_network_node_addr. D
If not known, set to NULL Y (Unknown). fιrst_network_node_npi Integer Numbering Plan Indicator for first_network_node_addr.
If not known, set to NULL (Unknown). first network node addr Var. C-Octet Address of the network node max String currently handling the mobile 21 station. If the network supports both GPRS and GSM CSD then the first_network_node_addr relates to the GSM MSC and the second_network_node_addr relates to the GPRS SGSN.

any way , if you don't know about this forget it. that's shame because it could be usefull.
See you

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