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Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Friday, March 12, 2004 - 09:36 pm:   

Note: For more information on NowSMS v5.50, see Now SMS/MMS v5.50 Beta Release Notes, and Now SMS/MMS Newsletter - v5.50 Beta Highlights

Digital Rights Management (DRM) addresses the most critical issues facing providers of premium content -- the unauthorised use and distribution of content. Standardised by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), and adopted by all major handset vendors, DRM offers new ways of protecting premium content. Handsets with DRM support still only constitute a small portion of the handsets available on the market, but NowSMS v5.50 can help you get ready for wider DRM enabled content.

Many of the intial handset implementations of OMA DRM support only "Forward-lock". When MMS or WAP Push Content is sent with the "Forward-lock" attribute, the handset user is able to save the image or object to their phone, but they are not able to forward or copy the image or object to another device. Handsets that do not support "Forward-lock" are unable to understand content that is sent with this attribute.

The "Send MMS Message" and "Send Multimedia WAP Push" forms have been modified to include a "Forward Lock" checkbox for enabling forward lock. When this setting is active, NowSMS will automatically add a "Forward Lock" wrapper to all non-text components of the message.

The "Forward Lock" can also be enabled programatically when submitting MMS messages via the "Proprietary URL Submission" method, and including a variable setting of MMSForwardLock=Yes.

Full OMA DRM v1.0 is only implemented in a few current handsets, such as the Nokia 6220 and 6820. With full OMA DRM v1.0, it is possible to define other attributes to protect premium content. For example, content can be encrypted ("Forward-lock" content is not encrypted, so it is not a perfect solution). Additionallly, time limits, or number of access limits can be applied to premium content. In such a scenario, a Java game might require a monthly subscription for continued use. DRM Rights messages are sent via WAP Push over SMS for such application extensions (an ideal use for premium rate SMS!).

NowSMS v5.50 now supports the ability to encode these DRM Rights messages for delivery via WAP Push over SMS. However, NowSMS v5.50 does not include support for creating this type of DRM content, only for sending the DRM Rights messages.

For more information on OMA DRM, please download the specifications from the Open Mobile Alliance web site. Go to, and select the option to download OMA Digital Rights Management v1.0.

Note that DRM Rights messages can be sent via NowSMS via any of the following mechanisms:

1.) Using the "Send XML Settings" option from the web menu interface, if an <o-ex:rights> header is found within the XML, NowSMS will convert the rights to WBXML format and send them out via WAP Push over SMS.

2.) Perform an HTTP POST to the URL http://ip.address:port/?PhoneNumber=xxxxxxxx&OTA=POST (where ip.address:port is the IP address and port for the NowSMS web interface), with the XML format DRM Rights documents as the body of the post.

For example:

POST /?PhoneNumber=xxxxxxxx&OTA=POST HTTP/1.0
Content-length: xxxx
Content-type: application/vnd.oma.drm.rights+xml (optional header)

<o-ex:rights xmlns:o-ex="" xmlns:o-dd="" xmlns:ds="">



3.) POST via the PAP (Push Access Protocol) interface of NowSMS v5.50:

POST /pap HTTP/1.0
Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary=asdlfkjiurwghasf; type="application/xml"
Content-Length: xxxxx

Content-Type: application/xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
[<?wap-pap-ver supported-versions="2.0,1.*"?>]>
<push-message push-id="">
<address address-value="wappush=xxxxxxxxx/"></address>
Content-Type: application/vnd.oma.drm.rights+xml
Content-Length: yyyy

<o-ex:rights xmlns:o-ex="" xmlns:o-dd="" xmlns:ds="">




(Note: It is also possible to use the PAP interface to send DRM rights messages that are already encoded into WBXML format. Change the last MIME type in the above example to "application/vnd.oma.drm.rights+wbxml".)

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Posted on Monday, May 03, 2004 - 01:47 pm:   

pls give me an example of forward lock drm message in c format and also guide me the name of this kind of service providers .
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Monday, May 03, 2004 - 03:53 pm:   


pls give me an example of forward lock drm message in c format and also guide me the name of this kind of service providers .

The link in the message above explains the HTTP format to use for submitting a message with forward lock through NowSMS. I do not have a C example of this.

There is a PHP example of sending a multimedia WAP push through NowSMS in the following thread:

That script could be modified to add a forward lock wrapper to the pushed objects by adding the following statement to the script:

$data["MMSForwardLock"] = "\r\n" . "Yes" ;

(Add it below the following: $data["MMSWAPPush"] = "\r\n" . "Yes" ;)

As a quick test, you can also send the following URL to your NowSMS server: rd-Lock+Subject&MMSText=This+is+a+forward+lock+test&MMSFile= m/media/logo.gif&MMSForwardLock=Yes&MMSWAPPush=Yes

Substitute in the IP address and port of your NowSMS server and insert a phone number to send the message to.

This sends the object referenced in the "MMSFILE" paramter out as a multimedia WAP push (MMSWAPPush=Yes), with the forward lock attribute set (MMSForwardLock=Yes).

The "MMSFILE" parameter can be repeated multiple times to send multiple objects.

For the other part of your question, I do nt understand what you mean by "name of this kind of service providers". NowSMS just needs to be connected to a service provider that can support binary SMS, which is used for sending WAP push messages.

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Posted on Thursday, June 24, 2004 - 01:17 pm: