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Posted on Tuesday, June 01, 2004 - 10:40 am:   

Hi. We're evaluating NowSMS 5.5 (currently b20040416) using an SMPP account with an aggregator company. We're not using a phone or modem.

Most things are working fine. We can send several types of message (SMS, MMS, WAP Push etc.) and receive SMS. But we haven't been able to receive MMS.

What we expected was that NowSMS would receive an MMS notification as a binary SMS message and then retrieve the MMS content via the Internet connection. Is that how it works? How would we troubleshoot it?

We have "Receive MMS messages" enabled in the SMPP connection dialog box. What exactly needs to be entered in the MMS Settings dialog box for this type of configuration? Also, is any VASP configuration needed?

Please note: (1) Our SMPP account is with an aggregator, not a specific mobile network. (2) We cannot expect subscribers to make any changes to the SMS settings on their phones.

Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Tuesday, June 08, 2004 - 10:25 pm:   

Hi Patrick,

Apologies for the delay in response.

The mobile phone operator might recognise that you are a special type of account, and might not forward the MMS notification over SMS.

If you're not seeing any binary SMS messages come in, then this is likely the issue.

If the binary SMS messages were arriving, and "receive MMS" is enabled, then NowSMS would treat the MMS notifications special, and you would see files created in the MMSINQ subdirectory when NowSMS receives an MMS notification.

If you are seeing binary SMS come in, then note that most mobile operators do not allow connections to their MMSC over the open internet. Therefore, you might need to configure a GPRS modem in NowSMS to allow it to fetch the MMS message content from the mobile operator.

I'd start the troubleshooting process by looking to see if any binary SMS messages are being received. Disable the "receive MMS" functionality in the NowSMS configuration, then NowSMS should not try to process the notifications, and basically you can start the process by determining whether or not the notifications are even being received.

If the notifications are not being received, then somehow you would have to get the operator to route notifications to your account. And unfortunately, I suspect that is easier said than done.

(Basically, your account may be with an aggregator, but the aggregator then has an account for you with a particular mobile operator.)

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Posted on Saturday, June 26, 2004 - 04:55 pm:   


Hi again. Many thanks for the detailed reply. We investigated this a bit further, e.g. disabling the Receive MMS options as you suggested, and it looks as though we are simply not receiving the MMS notifications.

We will look into the possibility of using a GPRS modem as you suggested.