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Yuancong Quan
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Posted on Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 08:02 am:   

Initial conditions:
1> Activate MMSC service and add two MMS users(mobile users): A and B.
2> MMS routing: Choose "Direct Delivery(internal MMSC)" as defautl route.
3> Setup GPRS modem correctly.

Use terminal A to send MMS to B or B to A.
On the sender end(handset device), it reminds the mms has been send out successfully, but there is no any response on the receiver end.

I analysed the log simply, seems like MMSC has received the MMS, but failed when try to send MMS notification to the receiver(you can see this from SMSOUT log).

But SMS initiated by gateway can be sent out successfully.

Please see enclosed MMSC log and SMSOUT log.
MMSC-20110825.LOG (0.5 k)
SMSOUT-20110825.LOG (26.6 k)
Des - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Friday, August 26, 2011 - 08:48 pm:   


Motorola phone modem implementations have historically had a bug where they cannot send any SMS messages that include UDH (user data header).

This means any long messages, or messages that include port addressing (WAP Push and MMS notifications).

We are not aware of any solution to the UDH problem, other than using a different modem. (I would recommend a dedicated device instead of a phone as a modem.)

That said, if you are just trying to send an MMS message, direct delivery is usually not the best option when using a modem. Instead, you should configure NowSMS to send the message via the operator MMSC using the modem. Quick Start Guide #3 on the following page will guide you through this setup:

NowSMS Support
Yuancong Quan
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Posted on Monday, August 29, 2011 - 04:18 am:   

Hi, Des,

Thanks for your reponse!

Later, we changed to another Operator network China Unicom(for sender and receiver), and that the MMS notification can be always sent out successfully, but the receiver could seldom receive the message, about (5% of success rate).
It's very strange. (see new log for detail)

For long term, we will buy a dedicated device to replace a phone as modem. but for short, we will still use a phone as modem.

In addition, the reason for why we want to use direct delivery instead of operator MMSC is avoid generate huge cost.

In addition, I have a new question, if I don't want to deliver incoming MMS, and just save it in the server. How should I add the route?


SMSOUT-20110826.LOG (39.2 k)
MMSC-20110826.LOG (3.4 k)
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 12:07 pm:   

Hi Yuancong,

The problem with direct delivery is that some mobile operators block it.

The way it is blocked is an issue of the MMS APN settings in the phones. Many mobile operators use a different APN for MMS, and this APN is restricted as to what it can connect to.

Or if the recipient does not have an Internet enabled plan, they will not be allowed to fetch the MMS message from your server.

Another issue you can face is problems sending binary SMS (used for the MMS Notification message) cross operator with a modem.

To determine why it works with some phones, but not others, you will want to look at these issues for clues to why it sometimes works and sometimes not.

For your other question, how are these incoming messages arriving? Via the modem? MMS client on mobile phone?

Yuancong Quan
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Posted on Thursday, September 01, 2011 - 10:01 am:   

Thanks, BN.

Currently, the issue I am facing is about 10% MMS can be received successfully at same environment (same phone, same network). it's very strange.

These incoming message should arrive MMSC via HTTP. we are using Internet APN provided by operator to connect our NOWSMS MMS GATEWAY and send MMS message to MMSC of NOWSMS. I think it should be "MMS client on monile phone" you mentioned.

Our environment:
1> The server on which we run NOWSMS gateway/MMSC connects to Internet with ADSL link which has a fixed IP address and a domain. On the server a GPRS modem is connected. It is used to deliver MMS notification to the recipient.

2> The Phones Under Test(PUT) is connecting internet with Internet APN provided by operator. it can access Internet without any obstacle.

3> On the PUT, MMSC and MMS gateway/port in MMS setting is changed to the link to NOWSMS GATEWAT/MMSC and specific port instead of MMS setting provided by the operator.

The only simple test case is send or receive MMS among these PUTs.

Now we can send MMS successfully to the server with 100% successfully, we can see the results from logs attached, and the server is always able to deliver MMS notifications successfully, we can also see the results from SMSout log file. but the recipient seldom fetchs MMS successfully(the success rate is not more than 10%). we also can see this point from the recipient or the MMSC log.

It's the problem we're encountering.

My question is, if we don't care whether the recipient receives MMS, and just let MMSC keep the MMS on the sever, how should I setup the route other than direct deliver?

Thanks again,