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Posted on Tuesday, December 06, 2011 - 10:31 pm:   

I have gotten the U313 to work with SMS. It even emails me the incoming text message. However, I cannot get the MMS inbound to work. If I setup MMS settings with the Lookup operator settings and then press Test Connection it says connection test in progress for a while and then Connection failed. RAS Error 628 The connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed. The modem is setup with the Sierra AT command port as a 33600 modem. What am I missing? thx Tom
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Posted on Wednesday, December 07, 2011 - 07:39 pm:   

Hi Tom,

Is the Sierra software configured configured to automatically make a data connection?

This error generally indicates that the data connection failed ... the APN is being rejected. In addition to the possibility of the wrong APN being configured, this error could occur if the Sierra "watcher" software already has a data connection open. In this case, the modem will not allow us to open a second connection.

I installed one of Sierra's Compass 885 modems with the latest Watcher software (which is common to Sierra modems) today to do some troubleshooting.

I can confirm that RAS Error 628 will occur if "watcher" already has an active data connection, and you try to configure NowSMS to make a connection.

So, I'd suggest you go into Watcher, and make sure in General Options that "autolaunch on device insertion" is not enabled, and "on exit" do nothing.

Under Connections/Profiles, make sure that none of the profiles are set to autoconnect.

From the NowSMS side, it should work using the Standard 33600 Modem Driver.

In my tests today with the Compass 885, I was also able to use the Sierra Wireless HSPA Modem port for use with NowSMS ... which is very good because it allows SMS and MMS to be processed at the same time. Using this port instead of the Standard 33600 port, I did get a warning error from NowSMS about the modem not responding to GPRS commands, but it did work properly. Looking at the logs, it appears that this modem port can only connect to the default APN configured in "Watcher", so it may not work if your provider uses different APNs for internet and MMS.

The Standard 33600 Modem port would not have this problem as the APN can be set by NowSMS automatically on that port.

(Sorry if this last bit is a bit confusing, I was actually a bit excited to see that I was able to use one port for SMS and one port for MMS simultaneously with the latest Sierra drivers.)

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