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The MMS notification is done on our platform using the http interface of an SMS service provider.

Each notification is actually done using two binary SMS. the second SMS is a few octets only. Is it possible to reduce the notification lenght to make it use only one SMS?

I've already used the short URL parameter. Is there something else? Apparently the content type is pretty long but (application/vnd.wap.mms-message) but maybe this is mandatory.

Please find below the two data fields for one notification:

Data=DE06226170706C69636174696F6E2F766E642E7761702E6D6D732D6D65737361676500AF848 C8298303942008D928918802B33333636343232323334372F545950453D504C4D4E0086818A808F8 18E02375C88058103093A8083687474703A2F2F6D6D732E6E756D6572696361626C652E66723A383 038302F3043384B484446

Thank you
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Take a look at the numbered list (1-5) toward the end of the following article:

Specifically, the setting mentioned in #5. It is ridiculous that the content type is taking up so many bytes in the message, and there is a setting that replaces it with a short code. The problem is, some of the early MMS compatible phones did not understand the short code. (You'll see that the setting name references a specific phone model. In the early days of our MMSC, we defaulted to using the short code, then added a setting to enable the long format for phones that had issues. As we encountered a few more such phones that did not understand the short code in those early days of MMS, we made the long format the default. I would hope that those early models could now be considered obsolete, but my experience in looking at other platforms is that they also use the long format, so there may be other phones that have issues.)

Anyway, the list of items in that article is the best resource on cutting down the notification length.

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