What the right OTA mms connection settings if I know only IP?

What the right OTA mms connection settings if I know only IP? SearchSearch
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leonid ahss
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I compose mms in russian language and send via GPRS modem.
The problem is that on some phones mms subject is not represented correctly if subject length is more then 10 letters(represented as ?????).

But when i send the same mms from the such phone the phone itself, subject of any length represented in right way.

I send mms from phone to our GPRS modem and see that subject build by phone and by our application are the same.

The problem is that GPRS modem receives data send by Provider MMSC.

I want to use NowSms to find out what exactly mobile phone sends when it sends MMS.

I configure NowSms as MMSC using GSM modem for SMSC connection.

I need to configure phone MMS setting in such way that mms was sent to NowSms and not to the Service provider MMSC.

I use Web Service for sending to mobile phone the OTA message to configure Connection (and MMS Settings).

The only thing I know about NowSms is IP address of the PC where NowSms installed.

I tryed various configurations, but phone only puts mms into output folder and sending is failured..

What the right OTA mms connection settings if I know only IP?
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Posted on Thursday, September 06, 2012 - 08:12 pm:   

Hi Leonid,

I think I understand what you're trying to do.

You want to configure the phone to connect to NowSMS as its MMSC.

Here's what you want to do:

1.) Define a user account for the phone in the "MMSC Users" page.

2.) The PC running NowSMS must be internet accessible so the phone can connect to it. The phone will need to be able to make a connection to the "HTTP Port Number" configured on the "MMSC" page. Note that this is a b{different} port number from that of the NowSMS web interface which is configured on the "Web" page.

3.) The MMS server URL on the phone should be http://server:port/username=password ... server:port is the IP address or host name and port to connect to the MMSC "HTTP Port Number", and username/password are the account details defined under "MMSC Users".

4.) All other MMS connection details would be mobile operator specific. At a minimum you need an APN that allows you to connect to the MMSC over the internet. Keep in mind that this will probably not be the same APN used for your regular operator MMSC settings ... this is because most operator MMS APNs are locked down to only provide access to the operator MMSC. (For more background on the APN issue see http://www.nowsms.com/faq/how-mms-works.) Strictly speaking a gateway/proxy IP and port are not required, but some MMS clients might require one. If required by the client, for your configuration, it is acceptable to specify the IP address of the NowSMS server and the "HTTP Port Number" of the MMSC.

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