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paris tao
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Posted on Monday, May 26, 2014 - 08:43 am:   

I'm new to Nowsms, and I install Windows as virtual machine.
Now I can send SMS correctly, but fail to send MMS.
it can't connect to remote compute.
Des - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - 03:39 pm:   

Hi Paris,

Did you use this same modem successfully on another PC that was not a virtual machine? I am trying to determine if the problem is related to a VM or not.

The first advice that I would offer is to consider using an Android phone as a modem instead of a dedicated modem device. This support is only available in versions of NowSMS that are still marked as BETA versions in our download area. However, our opinion is that using an Android phone as a modem offers better performance and reliability for MMS than a dedicated modem device.

Also, NowSMS talks to an Android phone as a modem over TCP/IP, so there are no USB modem drivers to contend with. The only issue for VM environments is that NowSMS expects to be able to discover the modem on the same local network. This means that your network adapter for the VM needs to be in bridged mode, where it gets its own address on your network, instead of the host network mode where it gets a private IP address.

Back to your issue...

We have no experience with RAS error 720. From what I can Google on the web, it seems to suggest a misconfiguration or driver problem.

Here are a few suggestions...

Try uninstalling the modem drivers completely. Reboot the VM and reinstall the modem drivers.

If the modem has never been used with NowSMS before, try on a different machine to confirm that there is not a fundamental modem problem.

Double-check your APN setting as odd errors can be reported when the APN is incorrect.

NowSMS creates a dial-up networking profile named "NowSMS - modem name". Try connecting to it manually, specify a phone number of *99***1# ... do you consistently see the same error with these attempts?

If the modem is working on a different PC, but not this one, you can reset the Windows TCP/IP stack by taking the following steps. Open a command prompt window as administrator (right click + run as administrator) and issue the follwing command:

netsh int ip reset logfile.txt

...then reboot the VM and try again.

If problems persist, the USB modem drivers (provided by the modem manufacturer) may have compatibility issues running in a VM environment. As I mentioned, one of the things I like about our Android modem solution is that everything happens over TCP/IP, so there are no modem drivers to have to deal with.

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