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While sending email2sms cannot be sent to more than 160 characters. How can you make that you can send more than 160 characters.

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See Additional Settings description here:

NowSMS - Step 5 -

NowSMS Lite - Step 4 -

Hint: Change “Max SMS messages per e-mail” to a value other than 1.

The relevant info:

SMS messages have size constraints. For most Latin based languages in Europe and the Americas, it is possible for a single SMS text message to contain up to 160 characters. Longer messages can be sent, but they are sent in separate segmented messages of up to 153 characters each. These segmented messages contain special headers that allow the receiving device to reassemble the message and show it as a single long message.

For other languages, the size restriction is 70 Unicode characters in a single message, or 67 characters per segment for long messages.

“Max SMS messages per e-mail” specifies that if an e-mail message is longer than this number of segments, the e-mail message will be truncated when it reaches the maximum number of SMS segments.

“Use MMS if SMS E-Mail includes image or exceeds text length for SMS” specifies that if an e-mail message exceeds the maximum number of SMS segments, or if the message contains an image attachment, the email should be converted into MMS instead of SMS for delivery.

“Use MMS for all messages from E-Mail” forces the use of MMS for all converted e-mail messages, instead of SMS.

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