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Posted on Friday, June 26, 2015 - 08:07 pm:   

NowSMS Team,

We are running some tests with your product and we need a way to be able to configure a different port other then port 25 for the OUTBOUND connection not for the inbound. The MMSC page has a port option for the MMSC but that appears to only be for the port that it is listening on, not for the outbound traffic.

In the VASP tab where we have the MMS connection for outbound configured we have the IP address for the partner there and we tried added a colon with the port specified but your system appears to ignore that and always use port 25 for the assumed outbound port.

The issue with port 25 is due to email spam issues that port is just not used much and is blocked a lot because of these issues.

Please let us know how we can specify a special port for this.


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Posted on Friday, June 26, 2015 - 08:33 pm:   

Hi Michael,

I assume this is an MM4 connection.

In the "Server Address" field of the "MMC Routing" entry, use the syntax:



The outbound routing is defined in the "MMSC Routing" page, and the inbound routing is defined in the "MMSC VASP" page.

Even with the above defined, you may have an issue with MM4 Ack messages (MM4_forward.RES) being directed to port 25. To fix this, it is important that in the "MMSC VASP" configuration, the "MM4 Ack Routing" setting points to the "MMSC Routing" definition that includes the port override.

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