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Posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2005 - 06:23 pm:   

I am trying to connect NOW.SMS with an Agilent 8960.

We are testing an application which sends SMS via SMPP to NOW.SMS gateway and then it should convert the SMS push from SMPP to HTTP to the Agilent Wireless test set and vice versa. We have performed some isolated tests that allow the SMPP application to receive and send SMS pushes to the NOW.SMS gateway proving the link works. Similarly we have performed pushes to and from the NOW.SMS gateway with the Agilent test set.

We have proceeded to try to configure the architecture to allow NOW.SMS gateway to route calls between each link. We have researched your documentation and support links and it was not clear how to properly configure this.

1. We do not know how to configure Gateway to allow the Application Server (SMPP) to talk to the test set (HTTP) through the Now gateway. Here’s what we know we can do: we have the application server interoperate with the gateway via SMPP. Have the wireless device interoperate with the Now gateway via Aigilent test set (HTTP).

2. How do you turn on debugging mode so we can see advanced information in our logs.
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2005 - 06:36 pm:   

1.) To connect your SMPP application to the NowSMS server, you define an "SMS Users" account on the NowSMS server, and you enable the SMPP server on the "Web" page of the NowSMS configuration dialog.

Your SMPP application connects to NowSMS via the specified port, using the login defined under "SMS Users".

To connect NowSMS to the Agilent 8960, you define an "HTTP" connection on the "SMSC" page of the NowSMS configuration. The settings and templates for this are specific to the Agilent 8960, and I do not have any information on what these settings are. You would need to ask Agilent, as I know that they do have this information. The only information that I have is some details that were previously posted on our discussion board:

I do not know if the information in those threads is still current. Agilent would have current information.

I believe that Agilent also has the ability to route messages sent by the device back to NowSMS. They do this by issuing an HTTP request. Our HTTP request URL formats can be found here: g_text_messages.htm rameters_for_sending_messages.htm

However, I do not know how you configure the Agilent kit to interface to NowSMS over HTTP. This would be information that Agilent should be able to provide.

To allow your SMPP application to receive messages from the NowSMS server, when you define the account under "SMS Users", you need to check "Route received messages to user via SMPP", and then under "Recipient address(es) to route to this user", define phone numbers for which if NowSMS receives a message, it should route them to your SMPP application. For example, if the handset sends a message to 1234, and the Agilent kit posts this to NowSMS, and you want it routed to your SMPP application, you would define "1234" in this "Recipient address(es) to route to this user" field. This field can contain a comma delimited list of phone numbers, and supports wildcards of "*" (match any 0 or more characters) and "?" (match any 1 character).

That covers the NowSMS side of things, but I just can't answer specifically how the Agilent kit works, as Agilent would need to provide that information.

2.) Debug logs are enabled on the "Serial #" page of the configuration dialog.


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