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Username: Hzai

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Posted on Friday, January 13, 2006 - 08:18 am:   

Hi all,

I've received the sms from nowsms gateway and the sender of this sms is come from nowsms gateway(sim no. of gsm modem).

A(+86123xxx) -> NowSMS(+86345xxx) -> B(+86987xxx)

Now, B receive the sms is come from +86345xxx.

Can B receive the sms is come from +86123xxx? Can nowsms gateway do that? how about MMS gateway?

Many Thanks!
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Friday, January 13, 2006 - 02:51 pm:   

Hi Hzai,

When an SMS message is sent via a GSM modem, it is not possible to change the sender address.

This is a limitation of using a GSM modem for sending messages. (Basically the protocol does not allow you to insert a sender address, and the sender address is automatically applied by the operator SMSC.)

You can override the sender address when submitting messages via other types of SMSC connections, subject to whatever rules are imposed by your SMS service provider.

For MMS, if you are sending a message via an operator MMSC over a GPRS/MM1 connection, then it is also generally not possible to override the sender address. (You can try by setting a "Default Sender Address" in the "MMSC Routing" definition ... but if you do, what generally happens is that either the operator MMSC ignores it and automatically applies the phone number associated with the modem, or the operator MMSC rejects the message.)

For direct MMS delivery with NowSMS as the MMSC, you can set any address as the sender address. (See for more info on how MMS works ... your mobile operator might not support MMS delivery from external MMSCs like this.)

For other types of MMSC connections, the ability to set the sender address is dependent on policies of the MMS service provider.


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