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All 3g phones support forwardlock?Bryce Norwood - NowS02-02-06  06:16 pm
Billing Information for SMPP connection - user_message_referenceBryce Norwood - NowS02-01-06  05:55 pm
Length of SMS > 160 charactersBryce Norwood - NowS02-01-06  05:36 pm
Looking for phone/modemBryce Norwood - NowS02-01-06  05:35 pm
ISMS or SMS AggregatorsBryce Norwood - NowS02-01-06  05:32 pm
MMS as flash smsBryce Norwood - NowS02-01-06  03:41 pm
Possible WAPPushFlag problemBryce Norwood - NowS02-01-06  03:40 pm
How do I host my content on a server seperate from NOWSMSBryce Norwood - NowS01-30-06  06:12 pm
URL escaping not going well.kojuh01-28-06  01:44 pm
Problem with send smsBryce Norwood - NowS01-27-06  07:28 pm
@@@BINARY@@ Parameter ProblemBryce Norwood - NowS01-27-06  07:27 pm
Delivery reportBryce Norwood - NowS01-27-06  07:18 pm
OMA email settingsBryce Norwood - NowS01-27-06  07:14 pm
MMS and PushRegistryBryce Norwood - NowS01-27-06  07:06 pm
Access to Now.SMS message_idBryce Norwood - NowS01-27-06  06:54 pm
Problem with de mms inside de phone... Help please.Bryce Norwood - NowS01-27-06  06:35 pm
Validity HTTP param, need helpBryce Norwood - NowS01-27-06  06:34 pm
EMS message constructionBryce Norwood - NowS01-27-06  06:24 pm
Can I use GSM modem, which has no TCP/IP AT-commands?Bryce Norwood - NowS01-27-06  06:10 pm
Is it NowMMS able to read incoming MMS?Bryce Norwood - NowS01-27-06  06:04 pm
Cannot send SMS / +CMS ERROR: 330Bryce Norwood - NowS01-27-06  06:00 pm
SMPPDEBUG shows - WaitForResponseSMPP: Invalid PacketIan Mac01-27-06  10:05 am
2-way SMSBryce Norwood - NowS01-26-06  07:27 pm
SMSCMsgIdBryce Norwood - NowS01-26-06  07:00 pm
Sanyo MM8300Bryce Norwood - NowS01-26-06  06:37 pm
SMS to e-mail application processing via SMSBryce Norwood - NowS01-26-06  05:37 pm
This SMS will self-destruct ...Bryce Norwood - NowS01-26-06  04:55 pm
Where is the new version which was promised today?Bryce Norwood - NowS01-24-06  06:48 pm
Sending Long concatenated SMS using Clickatell SMPP gives garbage m...Umesh Singh01-24-06  02:12 pm
Multiple ConnectionsBryce Norwood - NowS01-23-06  05:38 pm
Delivery Report thru GSM routerSerg Mosichuk01-20-06  07:15 am
MM1 cause "Unauthorized" responsezzkxxn12 01-20-06  12:56 am
Short codes - please helpTrevor 01-19-06  02:28 am
"Unknown Subscriber " message on SAMSUNG D500kojuh01-18-06  11:13 am
How to set-up Premium rate sms servicekojuh01-18-06  02:11 am
V3i delivery reportsNadia Zadeh01-16-06  10:09 pm
NowSMS PPGBryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  07:19 pm
Want to purchase GSM modem for my requirementsBryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  07:09 pm
Shortcode MaskingBryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  07:05 pm
HTTP and modem interfaces to SMSC send different contentBryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  06:49 pm
Web admin page for startup/shutdown of nowsms service?Bryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  06:39 pm
Set priorityBryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  06:19 pm
Double wild cardBryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  05:40 pm
Ok, help me get started?Bryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  05:36 pm
Multi-Tech Multimodem GSM/GPRSBryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  04:31 pm
Using NowSMS and GSMModem ( 2 question )Bryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  04:13 pm
Using nowsms and gsmmdoem ( 2 question )Bryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  04:13 pm
Unable to connect with NOWSMS using Motorola E398 GSM handset.Bryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  03:53 pm
OTA File vs. Send XML DocumentBryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  03:43 pm
Question of sender?Bryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  02:51 pm
Auto forward SMSBryce Norwood - NowS01-13-06  02:42 pm
Splitting long binary EMS messagesatesh kumar01-11-06  04:52 pm
How can i sell ring tones thru SMSvishnu vardhan01-10-06  07:06 am
Send sms from a C++ program.....Yew Thean Hoo01-07-06  04:14 pm
GPRS DialupSubhojit Mukherjee01-04-06  07:26 pm
How to convert RTTTL ringtone to Binary and vice-versaNamita Agnihotri01-02-06  07:20 am
How to add my name in sender sending sms by http stringaki mark12-31-05  07:54 pm
How to send a 72*28 picture message by EMS other than UPIanitha12-29-05  06:56 am
How to encode ringtones to send by smsgutanu guta12-28-05  12:05 pm
Gateway listyou dont know who i 12-26-05  12:48 pm
EMS picture message 24x24 right shifted Cybp12-26-05  07:24 am
Mobile phone or GSM modem?John12-25-05  11:47 am
Unbind PDUHenni sofiane12-25-05  07:55 am
Sms routingMario Vargas12-23-05  12:50 am
How can i connect to Database (MS Access, Mysql,..) from NowSMS/MMS...aki mark12-21-05  07:26 pm
Seek 2-way support in sms for execute exe commandaki mark12-21-05  07:08 pm
How to work mailto functionaki mark12-21-05  06:47 pm
2-Way SMSwalter Betances12-21-05  05:47 pm
Smpp connectionlawrence harding12-21-05  10:12 am
PHP 2-Way multiple usersDigitdesigns™12-21-05  09:46 am
Segmentation and Backward Send IssuesJohn Mersk12-21-05  09:00 am
A dangerous bug: Bad characters in request caused endless loopLevi12-21-05  08:48 am
Multimple commandsKev Williams12-21-05  08:35 am
Dynamic distribution listFull Name12-21-05  03:33 am
REALLY annoying smsing problem PLEASE HELP!David12-21-05  12:31 am
Right Product ?Mamoudou12-20-05  09:33 pm
Send SMS with Nokia 6230Bryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  07:08 pm
E-mail to sms 1 ipBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  07:00 pm
Problems about sim cardBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  06:55 pm
SyncML OTA Settings 6230i ProblemBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  06:39 pm
German Umlauts without using UnicodeBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  06:33 pm
OTA ProvisioningBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  06:29 pm
Net::SMPP and mBloxBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  06:25 pm
Sms to emailBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  05:58 pm
NowSMS generated delivery receiptsBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  05:54 pm
Send a large ring tone Nokia formatBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  05:29 pm
Test TP-RD ( reject duplicate with nowSMS)Bryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  05:21 pm
Error adding MC35i with certain sim cards.Bryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  05:12 pm
BAR CODEBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  05:09 pm
WaveCom GSM/GPRS Fastrack Modem Terminal M1306BBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  05:04 pm
Nokia - No reply option to a Short NumberBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  05:03 pm
OMA WBXMLBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  04:55 pm
J2MEBryce Norwood - NowS12-20-05  04:23 pm
Change sender's number to name?MR SHAH12-12-05  09:02 am
How can i get the detail report about my message sending?xieyinghong12-09-05  01:16 am
How can I do to create 2 connections throw the same gateway?Rochdi Elabidi12-08-05  03:34 pm
Mms video ringtonesAbudl ghani12-06-05  11:45 am
SyncML Settings by xmlAndres Ponce12-05-05  08:32 pm
Form SMS to email or back as SMSmylogon12-03-05  03:31 am
Can not send MMS notification message successfully by now SMSGWBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  08:07 pm
Validity Period fieldBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  08:05 pm
2-way functionality for the SMPP users??Bryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  07:57 pm
SMS Corruption because of Special CharactersBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  07:53 pm
Offline Email2SMSBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  07:45 pm
Multiple SMS using http API..Bryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  07:44 pm
Does Now SMS/MMS Support Nokia 9110 Bryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  07:41 pm
Sending request to nowsms from my application using cimd2Bryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  07:38 pm
USSD SupportBryce Norwood - NowS10 12-02-05  07:37 pm
+CMS ERROR: 21Bryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  07:29 pm
About the MMS error,helpBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  07:27 pm
List of all parametersBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  07:25 pm
SMPP Benefits?Bryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  07:12 pm
Max number of Characters with SMPPBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  07:05 pm
Is it possible to get the complete PDUBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  06:55 pm
2 Way SMSBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  06:41 pm
BluetoothingBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  06:34 pm
Send SMS with Nokia 6230Bryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  06:28 pm
How can I send vCard?Bryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  06:25 pm
Synchronization RequestBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  06:22 pm
Help me!Bryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  06:19 pm
Connect NowSMS with a C++ Program...Bryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  06:15 pm
Quotes on @@fullsms@@ or @@sms@@Bryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  06:12 pm
2way doesn't work on receiveBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  06:00 pm
Sending SMS from PHP on a remote serverBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  05:58 pm
Problems with vcardsBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  05:56 pm
GPRS modem hangs-upBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  05:07 pm
Logging and Restricting sms incoming and outgoingBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  02:34 pm
Automating text to NOWSMSBryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  02:26 pm
Send SMS via Nokia 6230Bryce Norwood - NowS12-02-05  02:23 pm
Sms return to groupthomasl11-26-05  07:50 pm
OTA/OMA provisoning for EmailAnonymous11-17-05  04:25 pm
Can anyone give me orange bpl airtel free sms center number jignesh kakkad11-16-05  08:21 am
SMPP 3.4 specificationsAnonymous11-16-05  07:55 am
Charge credits as per number/destinationkojuh11-16-05  06:13 am
Logs to DBYosi Oren11-15-05  10:07 am
SMPP delivery receipts, asynchronous modeYosi Oren36 11-15-05  09:35 am
How do i change my default "contacts" memory to the memory card?...Anonymous11-14-05  07:00 pm
Cant return response error for accounting callbackkojuh11-13-05  04:17 pm
How To Ask Questions The Smart WayAnonymous11-12-05  03:57 am
Reports ForrwardingAnonymous11-11-05  07:30 am
Using AT Command to check prepaid credit balance?ling sing thai11-11-05  05:49 am
How to decode USSD format?ling sing thai11-11-05  05:46 am
How define returned error type?Sokolov Alex11-10-05  03:36 pm
I try to understand wap push. Please help merandhir Mishra11-09-05  08:01 am
Recibing SMSMario Vargas11-08-05  08:25 pm
SMPP to forward incoming messages to clientIgor Vukomanovic11-08-05  10:40 am
Logs via web - Is it possible?Mark11-06-05  06:50 pm
Problems with 6230, help!Flumpy11-06-05  10:05 am
GSM ModemHenni sofiane11-06-05  07:46 am
Delivery Report for SMPPAli Shahbour11-05-05  12:42 pm
How to test in phone if nowsms workingJTAMADA11-05-05  06:05 am
Sending message via Bluetoothabdulmohsen aljerby11-04-05  09:57 pm
Send SMS from java using http get methodHelmuth11-04-05  04:01 pm
SMTP Host relayFabien G.11-04-05  03:36 pm
Email-2-SMS : How to modify the SMS formatFabien G.11-04-05  03:25 pm
Why do I receive so many SMS?but I only send one SMS message.daniel41811-04-05  08:31 am
No Callbackwalter Betances11-03-05  11:09 pm
Nokia 6230 Binary SMS Receive ProblemsChris Richardson11-03-05  10:50 pm
Does Now SMS/MMS Support using OTA Send WAP Bookmark/MMS Notify/Dev...Showroom11-02-05  09:26 am
Long Text MessageAnonymous11-01-05  09:20 am
What about supporting X-Oma-Drm-Separate-Delivery header?Anonymous11-01-05  08:12 am
SMS with CallDirect UltraLite Eip modemBruce Pyke11-01-05  12:43 am
Can Now SMS receive SMSs which are longer than 160 characters?Clement10-31-05  11:03 pm
How to setup NowSMSAgilent for AgilentMarlan McLeish10-31-05  02:27 pm
MMS picture msg problems with send/receiveRay10-30-05  09:10 am
Time Stamp on SMSSam10-29-05  07:12 am
Want to send multiple simultaneous SMS via EMAIL-to-SMS configuration.James Stevenson10-28-05  03:28 pm
Routing an incoming SMS to SMPP user and 2-wayAnonymous10-27-05  02:28 pm
SMS over GPRS/javaramakrishna10 10-27-05  09:23 am
Mailtoovertime10-27-05  08:33 am
Embedded Database for NowSMSAnonymous10-27-05  04:46 am
Sending OMA xml document with php..Chung10-26-05  04:07 pm
Sending of RingTones over HTTPsaliha cherqaoui10-26-05  02:34 pm
2 way rules not performing!itengo10-25-05  04:41 pm
Nokia 7210Bryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  03:24 pm
Sms wap push messagesBryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  03:20 pm
How does NowSMS deal with incoming messages?Bryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  03:11 pm
2 way sms helpBryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  03:09 pm
Help on 2 way smsBryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  03:07 pm
Server statusBryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  03:04 pm
CommandsBryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  02:53 pm
EMS Picture(72x28) UPI Header ContentsBryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  02:17 pm
EMS Picture(72x28) without UPI supportBryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  02:11 pm
Binary SMS is interpreted as Text SMS by J2MEBryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  02:09 pm
MC35 ERROR - Modem Response (2): ERROR Bryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  02:06 pm
Siemens M20 terminal not SMS compatibleBryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  02:00 pm
To reconnect mms on my mobileBryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  01:58 pm
SAR ProblemsBryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  01:56 pm
Decrypt Hex DataBryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  01:46 pm
How to send picture massage in //SCKl formatBryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  01:19 pm
SAR Problem #2Bryce Norwood - NowS10-25-05  07:53 am
Hiu r stupid10-24-05  08:14 am
How can i change my sms id or somethingAnonymous10-23-05  11:25 am
Java App to Send SMS on Port naveen kumar 10-21-05  07:13 am
Integrate NowSMS with my web applicationAnonymous10-20-05  07:34 pm
Saving SMPP messages to a databaseShahbour10-20-05  11:30 am
NowSMS and CDMA Bryce Norwood - NowS10-19-05  03:28 pm
Need 3G modem infoBryce Norwood - NowS10-19-05  03:09 pm
5.51k and the delivery receipts (not working)Bryce Norwood - NowS10-19-05  02:27 pm
K750i problems with receiving mmsBryce Norwood - NowS10-19-05  02:24 pm
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