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paveen a.
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Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2007 - 05:54 am:   


I was setting my mobile phone to receive delivery confirm message but can nowsms received these service ? and match with broadcast number to make user know what number successed or not ?

Thank you.
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Thursday, June 21, 2007 - 04:29 pm:   


I'm going to assume that you are submitting messages to NowSMS using HTTP.

To request a delivery receipt, you include "&ReceiptRequested=Yes" in the URL when submitting a message to NowSMS.

When this "ReceiptRequested" flag is set, it causes NowSMS to request a delivery receipt when submitting the message to an upstream SMSC.

These receipt requests are supported when connecting to an SMPP based provider or a GSM modem that supports receipts. (In recent versions, there is also some support for UCP/EMI environments, but we need more real world testing feedback with more UCP/EMI providers.)

When you are connecting to an SMPP provider, it is then up to that provider whether or not they will send delivery reports back to you. (So even if you configure everything correctly in NowSMS, they might not support delivery receipts.)

If you are using a GSM modem, whether or not you receive any receipts will depend on whether or not both your modem and your mobile operator support them. (The GSM modem implementation in many phones will not support receipts, but dediated GSM modem devices are generally ok.)

If you are submitting messages to NowSMS via HTTP, then the "SMS Users" account that you are using should NOT have SMPP access enabled. (If the account has SMPP access enabled, NowSMS will queue any delivery receipts that it recieves back to the message queue for this SMPP client.)

When a message is submitted via HTTP, the HTTP 200 OK response includes text such as the following:

MessageID=54321098.req, Recipient=+xxxxxxxxxx

If the message was posted to multiple recipients, this will be repeated for each recipient.

You can parse the text from this HTTP response to determine the Message id that NowSMS has assigned to the message.

When a delivery receipt comes back into the system, it gets routed to the 2-way command facility (unless SMPP access is enabled for the account that originally submitted the message to NowSMS, as I mentioned above).

Normally, the SMSC will prefix the text of all delivery receipts with "id:" ... and if the message is properly formatted as a delivery receipt, but this prefix is not present, NowSMS will reformat the message to include this prefix.

To define a 2-way command specific to processing delivery receipts, define the 2-way command with an "SMS Command Prefix" of id:*

Leave "Receive Phone Number(s)" blank (or in the context of receipts, it would be the sender address of the originally sent message, so you could define different scripts to process receipts for different sender phone numbers).

Then in the "Command to Execute" field, there is a parameter that you can use ... @@RECEIPTMESSAGEID@@, which will contain the message id for which this receipt applies. (This assumes that the service provider returns the message id properly in the receipt.)


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