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Petter D
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Username: Petterd

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Registered: 08-2007
Posted on Thursday, August 16, 2007 - 10:49 am:   


I have a question regarding SMS Autoresponder.
I have a GSM Serial modem connected to COM1 of my computer. I would like SMSNow to send an autoresponder when a certain word is used.

ex: if i send the word "test" to the telephone-number connected, i want your software to autorespond with a specified text, via the GSM Serial modem.

Is this possible ?
Bryce Norwood - NowSMS Support
Board Administrator
Username: Bryce

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Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2007 - 07:25 pm:   


The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is that you need to supply a script of some type in order to do this.

There's a simple example in the following link:

It uses the Windows echo command to simply echo back what the person sent in for their SMS and puts some extra text in front of it.

If you only want the command to be triggered by a particular keyword, you supply that keywords as the "SMS Command Prefix" when defining the 2-way command.

Age coburn
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Username: Age

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Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 - 06:39 am:   

i have same question with petter but i still have one very very important question.. what about separator i must include in file .vbs for the receive sms i want to separate the message for 4 segment and save it ti mssql
please help me...
thanks before

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