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Sending ems thru nowsmsDarek Chorazewicz05-07-08  01:20 pm
HTTP Connection Failedbob roberts05-02-08  12:54 am
Choose a specific time to send SMSKamel Fahd04-30-08  02:37 pm
Ems problemDarek Chorazewicz04-29-08  09:37 pm
Missing MSGID when delivery fails.Morten Jensen04-28-08  08:37 pm
Delivery statusDarek Chorazewicz04-28-08  06:45 pm
Disable USB selection with NOKIA phonesavi sm04-27-08  12:35 pm
'Plus' sign added in front of phone number only for Rogers, Fido an...Volodymyr Mandrychen04-25-08  01:40 pm
SMS Received problemAntonis04-25-08  11:13 am
NowSMS services Rohit Shah04-25-08  03:26 am
Mobile operator supporting sms over gprsLuigi Grimaldi04-24-08  04:07 pm
SMS Receivenathan04-24-08  02:09 pm
Long Unicode SMSAntonis04-24-08  06:54 am
2 way SMS based on incoming port number?Steve Bennett04-23-08  03:13 pm
No msg receivedKamel Fahd04-23-08  08:50 am
Sms status reportsKamel Fahd10 04-21-08  01:05 pm
Sms over gprs on the phoneneo04-15-08  06:20 pm
Nokia 6200 with GSM or GPRSneo04-15-08  04:48 pm
How to ser registered_delivery= -1?Carlos Mercado04-15-08  02:26 pm
Fowarding SMS incoming traffic to another SMPP connectionCarlos Mercado10 04-15-08  02:26 pm
The Best GSM Phone/Modem for NOWSMS?Samson04-14-08  05:18 am
SMS outputSamson04-14-08  05:11 am
UCS2Scott Boggs04-13-08  01:26 am
Modem does not support SMSAlexey04-12-08  05:13 pm
Removing the \ from the SMSØystein Gåsdal04-10-08  10:58 am
Formatting the Email to SMSØystein Gåsdal04-10-08  10:56 am
Message queue full, how can i solve it ?medium kuriboh04-09-08  03:00 am
SMS OUTrasha ramy04-03-08  11:12 am
Problems receiving SMSpixl04-02-08  02:41 pm
Send EMS in various SMSEduardo Almeida03-31-08  04:54 pm
Routing Based on Sender Iddouglas antonio03-27-08  01:12 pm
Sending rate drops with 2008 upgradeLEE HIN NAM03-26-08  03:18 pm
Nowsms with multitech GPRS Modem problemsLEE HIN NAM03-26-08  03:09 pm
SMS IN fileLEE HIN NAM03-24-08  04:01 pm
Ucp and delivery reportsPera Detlic03-24-08  10:50 am
Please Helpterry03-24-08  08:35 am
User Queue Threshold not functioning..!!DJXLoRd03-19-08  07:25 pm
Send Binary Message "Other" - Voice Mail NotificationsNick Luckcuck03-19-08  03:28 pm
How do i know which users are connected?Kanat03-17-08  07:01 pm
Nowsms+ClickatellEdgar Smith03-17-08  05:11 pm
Bulk SMS & CPU UtilizationAyman Moustafa03-16-08  10:16 pm
Auto reply 2-waySMSCOMM03-16-08  09:04 pm
Connection denied!!Edgar Smith03-15-08  07:36 pm
Error 403 in NowSMSEdgar Smith03-15-08  07:17 pm
2-way Auto replySMSCOMM03-15-08  02:16 pm
I dont want to seen my phone number. acnu03-14-08  09:43 am
Can InitRetryDelay be applied to the first retry attempt?Eugene03-14-08  09:01 am
Can I send a pure binary message using gprs modemabhi03-13-08  06:43 pm
Incoming messages to a 2-way command for a specific modemDJXLoRd03-13-08  11:45 am
NowSMS vmx Demo imageWolfgang Bauer03-12-08  03:22 pm
CIMD Delivery reports Nikos Mavrakis03-11-08  10:45 am
+CMS ERROR: 500Bryce Norwood - NowS03-10-08  06:25 pm
Delivery ReportBryce Norwood - NowS11 03-10-08  06:24 pm
Customising NOWSMS for automatic delivery from Custom Shopping Cart...Howard Stewart03-10-08  05:57 pm
Customised/Personlised SMSBryce Norwood - NowS03-10-08  04:58 pm
Configuring NOWSMS to send Messages to GSM numbers in US and Canada.Bryce Norwood - NowS03-10-08  04:57 pm
Doubt with Class 2 SMSBryce Norwood - NowS03-10-08  04:54 pm
Now SMS 2008 XML featuresBryce Norwood - NowS03-10-08  04:38 pm
NEED HELP TO CONNECT TO SMSC VIA SMPP PROTOCOLBryce Norwood - NowS03-10-08  04:29 pm
Responds TimeoutBryce Norwood - NowS03-10-08  04:25 pm
Need help, 2-way sms......douglas antonio03-06-08  05:15 pm
Email to sms HELP!!!!Bryce Norwood - NowS02-29-08  02:41 pm
ERROR - binary messages not supported for this modemBryce Norwood - NowS02-29-08  02:37 pm
SMPP errorBryce Norwood - NowS02-29-08  02:32 pm
Purchasing Now SMS/MMS GatewayBryce Norwood - NowS02-29-08  02:28 pm
CIMD2 ProblemBryce Norwood - NowS02-29-08  02:08 pm
Public access via http interfaceBryce Norwood - NowS02-29-08  02:05 pm
SMS sent confirmation?Bryce Norwood - NowS02-27-08  08:03 pm
How to set registered_delivery= -1?Bryce Norwood - NowS02-27-08  07:29 pm
Sms.js command lineRamón02-21-08  05:41 pm
NowSMS binds and unbinds to an SMPP serverHector Ramirez02-16-08  11:29 pm
Unable to sned smsManan Somani02-16-08  04:59 am
SMPP remove my plus! Help!Katya YU02-13-08  02:17 pm
Incoming text garbledeoin kernan02-12-08  06:47 pm
2-Way sms problemJulian B.02-11-08  08:32 pm
NowSMS is sending garbled messagesKristian Hals02-11-08  06:10 am
Problems with receiving SMSKristian Hals02-11-08  06:09 am
How to add a vendor specific parameter to smsgw.iniRobert02-11-08  04:34 am
Problem with reciveing sms responseHrvoje02-09-08  03:22 pm
GSM Modem and SMS nowSimranjit Singh02-07-08  03:17 pm
Failed to launch HTTP commandSimranjit Singh02-07-08  03:15 pm
Send SMS as a text messageSimranjit Singh02-07-08  03:07 pm
Sending OMA Provisioning over HTTP based SMSCSimranjit Singh02-07-08  02:57 pm
Replace with "00"KB commodity02-07-08  06:24 am
Cellphoneshenita bynum02-03-08  02:55 pm
MMS SendData: Error on send dataStan Byrdsell01-31-08  10:58 pm
How do i send with a spesified Protocol_IDChristoffer Corzani01-30-08  08:50 am
Http ConnectionSimranjit Singh01-30-08  03:41 am
Failed to send SMS through a BlackBerry deviceZhenyu Cai01-29-08  04:13 pm
.err missing after daysdevel01-27-08  01:56 pm
NowSMS Setup with a MultiTech MTCBA-G-U-F4 Stan Byrdsell01-24-08  08:15 pm
2-Way SMS mailto issueAdriano01-23-08  01:29 pm
Long message charge.Algo01-22-08  06:04 pm
Unknown Error 00002720 when sending SMSSMS Joe01-17-08  02:20 pm
Anonymous MMSGSM TEST01-17-08  12:42 am
NowSMS and Aircard 875UArnon Rotem-Gal-Oz01-16-08  12:07 pm
Can't receive SMS use nokia 5300agoes hendra01-16-08  05:43 am
FlashSMS on CyrilicAlexandre01-14-08  02:03 pm
2-way sms sends undesireable results with phpebiti edide01-14-08  09:00 am
Guidens on sending OTA / OMA OTA messagesjerrel01-13-08  12:40 pm
2-way sms issue with nokia n80ujjwal narayan01-13-08  05:28 am
Sending XML (OTA)visu01-12-08  07:17 pm
NowSMS - PerformanceShem J. Bajenting01-11-08  01:08 am
File2hex problemsdinos01-07-08  06:48 pm
Binding more than 4 servers to an accountBo Tanaka01-07-08  05:51 pm
Conditional sending of MMS on recieving keyword Prefix via SMSclyde01-06-08  03:36 am
Strange SMS-IN message - "@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@"misha nataev01-05-08  04:00 pm
Problem with dlrdinos01-04-08  03:03 pm
Cant view picture messages !Theophelus Nzara01-01-08  11:38 am
Dynamiclly create wap profilesjerrel12-28-07  01:51 am
Receiving ASCIIDhanya Palanisamy12-27-07  09:35 am
If we have many connection to the same operatormohammed12-20-07  11:21 pm
MMS sending via SMTPJovito Henry Chaves 12-19-07  07:56 am
SNMP MonitoringBo Tanaka12-18-07  11:29 pm
MMS works, SMS doesn't!Raed Adhami12-18-07  09:16 pm
Support GSM / GPRS Modems with TCP/IP interfaceKrishnan Rajan12-18-07  04:45 pm
Now Sms ID, what is MAX length?Volodumyr Mandrychen12-18-07  02:38 pm
Can't download MMSSilvia Carrera12-17-07  11:45 am
How can we handle bind errors during message submission using route...Phil Salamon12-17-07  09:44 am
Not sending SMS via SMPPShiby Varghese12-12-07  06:30 am
Mblox connect through HTTP using XMLShiby Varghese13 12-11-07  05:09 am
Inbound SMS routing by number to userJames Payne12-10-07  07:31 pm
SMS Prefix and WildcardsGerrit Maasz12-10-07  05:54 pm
Data_coding settingFrank12-07-07  07:36 pm
Long SMS decode error.Yang guanjin12-04-07  09:00 am
FOR SALE BRAND NEW NOKIA N95 8G AT 250USDjord12-01-07  09:02 am
SMS-IN files piling upMark Ramirez11-27-07  03:06 am
WDP Adaptation and EMS segmentationAaron Young11-26-07  07:40 pm
OMA settings to use non-standard portOvidiu Matan11-26-07  03:12 pm
Reading The CTR FileKhaled Husani11-26-07  11:53 am
Oma ota sending in Nowsms with sony 990imalhar chuadasama11-26-07  07:40 am
Regarding No SMSC connection...Darek Chorazewicz11-23-07  11:27 pm
Restrict phone numbersAndre11-22-07  12:23 am
Problems with Aircard 875UTotic11-21-07  05:40 am
Forward Message to two URLsDhanya Palanisamy11-20-07  10:44 am
Send OMA Settings to Samsungremonmagdy@hotmail.c11-20-07  06:55 am
Purging Queued MessagesMark Ramirez11-19-07  11:27 pm
Send SMS via localhostSidi11-18-07  12:41 pm
Sending Large Number of SMSshepherd fungayi11-18-07  10:36 am
Full HTTP Parameters send / receiveMichael Nwaogu11-16-07  01:18 pm
Sending SMS Messages using HTTP PostSMS Joe11-13-07  02:52 pm
Sending SMS Messages using HTTP PostSMS Joe11-13-07  02:50 pm
Sending MMS with NowSMS in MM1vivimob11-12-07  11:30 pm
Outside hosting account and domainChristoffer Corzani11-12-07  11:38 am
Email to SMSinfosms11-10-07  07:15 am
DLIST on a different ServerDJXLoRd11-10-07  06:57 am
Hostname, portnumber, username & password of nowsmsDipankar Sinha Sarka11-08-07  04:47 am
How can i overwrite an SMS?Christoffer Corzani11-07-07  12:19 pm
How work SMSAccountingURL?Christoffer Corzani11-07-07  12:16 pm
Receiving SMSAge coburn11-07-07  06:56 am
Autorespond SMS (evaluation version)Age coburn11-07-07  06:39 am
Connectivity problem with modemRama Krishna11-06-07  02:50 pm
Modem stops responding when more messages are queued than we're lic...Mike Nestor14 11-05-07  03:22 pm
Requiremrents for running the PHP script for MMS WAP Pushaskmuthu11-03-07  08:13 am
UDH inserted when sending binary sms Steven Tyler11-01-07  07:21 pm
OMA OTA SettingsFredrik Granström11-01-07  02:41 pm
How to make Binary or Hex ?Mehdi Seifi11-01-07  09:16 am
Problem with initializing modemjohn10-31-07  11:52 pm
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