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Yang guanjin
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Posted on Tuesday, December 04, 2007 - 09:00 am:   

Hi All,
Last time the issue I addressed about "Send long text SMS to midlet result in decode error"
( http://support.nowsms.com/discus/messages/1/19585.html ) was solved successfully. Thanks a lot.

Now I got the problem opposite around, one customer informed me that when he used Nokia N65 (Symbian S60) with the midlet our company provided to send long SMS (exceed 160 letters, will automatically send by 2 SMS, but supposed join to one by nowSMS gateway) would get an error. I went through the SMSIn log, and found out the nowSMS gateway had problem in decoding the SMS header, thus cannot join the 2 SMS together. But strange enough, when using older Nokia model and Sony Erission, or other manufacture phone don't have this problem.

Here is the log:

2007-12-04 16:59:18,+6591370775,Text,SW 90 110,
2007-12-04 17:00:28,+6591370775,Text,霉貌猫矛矛$拢SW 99 txn_type=ST mer_id=LKN payee=:A-555 amount=55 bank_acct_type=Saving_Account bank_id=LKN bank_u_pin=GEwyA4dVS3gnOiQY3o1KEQP1kNsT7XOWgZJ+ZoS5Ygm63+I,
2007-12-04 17:00:35,+6591370775,Text,霉貌猫矛矛$$Wy3t7yw9n5D3Vg79tBf8rhzQlHPWa++83XquK BOrsWkbynamWyQdm3HifYJb9wdq1GcV52GEGEVX2Oonh,

The later two suppose to be join to one, and the prefix Strings "霉貌猫矛矛$拢" and "霉貌猫矛矛$$" are not intended. I think it is because the header cannot decode successfully, thus produce these extra letters and failed to join the message again.

Hope can seek any guide from you. Thanks.

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