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Mike Jones
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Username: Indianajones

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Posted on Saturday, August 09, 2008 - 07:49 pm:   

I'm using NowSMS Gateway to send SMS via mBlox. I have a valid Two-way (Transceiver) mBlox account, and can connect properly. However, all SMS attempts are rejected by mBlox with error 0x42A (routing error). I also do not receive messages either, and have followed the instructions on how to do so (though this post is about sending).

I've read the posts on this board and have tried the SMPPOptions config section in the INI file. No changes. But that discussion seems to be about SMS via HTTP, and I'm using SMPP.

So I saw other posts about DefaultSMPPOptions for SMPP providers, and I tried that. Again, no luck.

I've read the mBlox documentation that describes the mblox_tariff, mblox_operatorid, and the other options, and I understand what mBlox wants, but I don't see how SMPPOption or DefaultSMPPOptions work in that context. For example, I want to send SMS to Verizon, which is operator id 31003, but the posts on this board tell you to use "mblox_operator=1402,String,5" or something very close to that. But shouldn't it be "mblox_operator=1402,31003,5" or something very close to that? And after I get that all figured out, it might not make matter since I'm using SMPP instead of HTTP.

Summary, I think I know what I'm doing, but I obviously don't. Could someone please explain how to use NowSMS to send SMS via mBlox as SMPP in a manner that makes it through my thick skull? Thanks.
Des - NowSMS Support
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Posted on Tuesday, August 19, 2008 - 04:40 pm:   

Hi Mike,

I believe one of my colleagues has responded to some of your queries through one of your colleagues.

I've seen a copy of the message from my colleague, and I'll try to extract the important bits.

This should be added to the SMSGW.INI file "as is":


"String" and "Integer" are not place holders for you to replace when adding this information to the SMSGW.INI file.

These parameters are provider specific, and you are telling NowSMS that there are additional parameters supported by your provider, and these
settings tell NowSMS the parameter type e.g., "String"), length restrictions, and the SMPP parameter value.

The "DefaultSMPPOptions=" setting is used to specify actual values for these parameters that should be used unless they have been overridden for a particular message. The "DefaultSMPPOptions=" setting must be under the [SMPP - server:port] section of SMSGW.INI (server:port is the host name and address of the SMSC to which you are connecting).

In the message that was forwarded to my colleague, you also asked about "originator", "ProfileID" and "Service Type".

The "originator" is the "Sender Address".

mBlox documentation suggests that the "ProfileID" is the "Service Type".
"Service Type" is different from "System Type". "System Type" is an SMPP parameter that is sent at initial login (bind). "Service Type" is a parameter that is set for each message that is sent.

You can only set a default "Service Type" value for an SMPP connection in NowSMS by editing the SMSGW.INI file, and under the [SMPP - server:port] header (server:port will be replaced with the address of your SMSC), specifying:


(value is the value that you want to be specified as the service type)

It is possible to override the default Service type value when submitting a message to NowSMS via SMPP by including "&ServiceType=value" in the HTTP URL string.

Similarly, you can override the default values of other parameters by including "&SMPPOption_mblox_tariff=xxxx" in the URL string. (The text after "SMPPOption_" and before the "=" refers to a setting that is defined in the [SMPPOptions] section.)

Here was a summary of suggestions from my colleague:

1.) Define your short code as the "Sender Address" for the connection.

2.) Make sure that you have the [SMPPOptions] section defined in SMSGW.INI exactly "as is" ... do not replace "String" with some other value.

3.) Make sure that you have your DefaultSMPPOptions= settings under the [SMPP - server:port] section of SMSGW.INI for the SMSC connection that you have defined (e.g., under [SMPP -])

4.) If you require a specific profile id, include ServiceType=value under the [SMPP - server:port] section of SMSGW.INI. I don't recall anyone asking about setting this value for mBlox in the past, so I think they apply a
default for your account if you don't specify one. So you may want to try first without this setting ... and if it still doesn't work, try with this setting.

5.) If you need to use parameters other than the defaults for specific messages, then when you submit the message to NowSMS include URL parameters to override the defaults.

If you are using SMPP to interface to NowSMS from your application, instead of HTTP, then the default values would apply unless you encoded override parameters in your SMPP request.

NowSMS Support

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